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    Are marriages really made in heaven?

    There is a saying that goes like "Marriages are made in heaven" but I doubt if they are really made in heaven. Not every marriage is successful and even if a marriage lasts forever there are many relationships were a couple are not happy with each other and often end up fighting and they stay together just for the sake of doing. Often there will be up's and down's in a relationship and there will be incompatibility problems but facing all the issues together and still happily spending time with each other is important. But in some cases, marriages end up in some duration of the partners will start cheating on each other or the couple do not make an attempt to each other. In that case how can we tell that marriages are made in heaven? Instead people should overcome their issues in married life, understand each other, together face every obstacles that comes their way and lead a life a happily. Instead of saying marriages are made in heaven, one must make their married life a heaven.
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    Marriages are arranged and fixed on the earth and the parents feel a sigh of relief on performing marriage of their daughter or son and thus feel the transition as heaven. The sustainability and the behavior of the newly wed couple would always depend on their understanding and adjusting capacity. If that is absent , even small difference of opinion would flare up to the big show between the two and that would bring bigger face off between the groom and bride families at large. There are people who are waiting for the opportunity to create rift between two families and get the solace of being ignited the hatred.
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    All marriages are made in heaven. Here we have to say heaven refers to God. God will be there in heaven. Whatever is done on earth that is being pre decided by him only. Not only marriages but also divorcees are also fixed there only. We should not think that what ever decided in heaven are happies only.
    In olden days people used to try for the marriages of their wards in different ways and places. But sometimes proposals coming from unknown places and getting settled. So people used to astonish and with reference to these settlements only this saying has come.
    A relation between wife and husband will be above all. When two people are involved definitely difference of opinions will always be there. But they should adjust. If one is very angry the other should adjust. In such case there will be no serious problems. So we should have some adjustment mentality. Then we will have a peaceful life.

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    I do believe there is one person made for everyone and we are in a journey to find that person. We go through many phases and find that individual but I think after finding him/her, it's our responsibility to make that relationship work. There will always be problems but one has to work in order to make their relationship last forever.
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    There is old saying that marriages really made in heaven but i am not fully agree with that. It depends upon and your life chemistry. If it matches with your chemistry then there is heaven on earth if not then it will be marriage is like hell on earth.. This is my view if someone doesn't like don't take it personally

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    Yes marriages are made on heaven. But marriage experience may be good or bad depends upon our deeds. All things happens to our life is due to some reason and our karms

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    I d not know whether marriages are made in heaven. The intended meaning may be that there is pre-decided destiny on everything including marriage. But we are not able to prove and find that.

    However what I can say is that if the husband and wife really will, they can make heaven in their home by their mutual love, affection, trust, understanding and mutually complimentary and supplementary stand. Where the husband and wife are in true bliss, even God feels to bless them copiously.

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