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    Do you think money can do many things?

    Money, that plays the most important and pivotal role in every mans life in this world. As we often talk about human relationships and humanity but when it comes to money nothing will sustain and survive.Even blood relationships also get murkier when it comes to money matters?Even we heard in the newspaper and see in Television.A Son killed her parents in money disputes or Assets disputes. A brother killed because of money disputes and assets disputes.What kind of reaction do you get when you hear or see this type of news?Do you think money can do many things?
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    Money can buy people too. There is nothing that money can't do. But make sure you use money in the right way. Discontentment is the mother of greed, and greed is the mother of all other sins. Money is for charity.
    If you keep on saving money miserly then you'll attract unintentional attention. That's like digging a pit for your own downfall. Greed blinds men and pursues them to kill their brethren.
    If you earn a lot, save some and spend a lot. Live life to the fullest. Taste the unknown everyday. Ofcourse, all of these won't be possible without money.

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    After a particular level in my opinion money is also of no use. If you have enough money to spend a happy life, afterwards no more money is required. Money will not come with you once you are away from this world. I heard people saying that, these currency papers are even not useful for burning the body after the death. We can feel happy by counting the we have. No more than this. Money can't stop diseases to attack you. Money can't cure all ill healths. So there is a limit for everything and every thing.
    So money is required for your living, good nature is required for your after life. Always we should balance both. Try to donate money for good causes if you have excess. Try to be polite with people even though you have plenty of money. This attitude will give you some life after life also.

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    Where is the doubt?

    Money definitely can do many things. It can make a brother turn against his brother. It can make good people into murderers and thieves. It can create disharmony. It can bring pleasure and the lack of it can bring difficulties.
    The above are the general concepts that people have of money. There is so much written and said about money being good and bad. What we forget is that it is not money, but people who are good or bad. Money does not rule the world; it is we who decide to change things.

    Our integrity is put to the test in the way we see wealth. A person who steals from another or kills one of his own, for money, is acting in his own capacity. He is morally corrupt. His greed and his weakness make him act the way he does.

    We humans have a way of shifting the blame on others. By blaming money we shift the blame to money, instead of accepting that we are morally corrupt.

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