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    Do not underestimate children

    In one advertisement we might have heard a saying of a small boy, 'Dont underestimate Khol' Similarly the children are very smart and the questions raised by them are unanswerable.

    Samples are:

    In one school the teachers kept apples in a basket with a board written as 'Do not take more than one,God is watching'. In another counter there was a basket full of chocolates but without any board. A small boy wrote near that as ' Take as many as you want, God is busy watching apples'.

    Teacher: How old is your father?
    Student: 6 years
    Teacher: What?
    Student: yes, He became father only when I born.

    Boy: Dad, one request from me
    Father: yes, go ahead
    Boy: I need a box of drawing kit
    Father: No problem,I will get you
    Boy: I have just asked buy why you are taking this as a problem?
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    Yes. Nowadays children are very intelligent. Some of their questions are very difficult to understand. Their answers can't be understood easily. Their reaction can't be predicted.
    Their IQ levels are very high. Their exposure to world is very much more than what we have in our childhood days.
    One day I asked a kid. I brought two chocolates. I have given one to you. How many will remain with me. The reply he has given is Zero he said. I asked him how. He says I take one from you and you have given me one. So total two I got.

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    Yes we have to be very guarded when talking with the children. We think that they does not know anything, but they are very forward and more thinking than what we do, Yesterday only I happen to take a seven year old child along with my daughter to a relative house which was 40 km distance. I told her she should not complain about long journey on the scooter and she has to adjust. But on the way she was keeping on asking , how far is the destination and how much time it would take. When I chided her that why she is asking all these question as I told her not to disturb my driving. She is telling to my daughter that , she is learning what are all places which could come on the way to the destination and that she is having learning experience. For that I was totally taken back and what I thought about her was wrong.
    K Mohan
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