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    Actual meaning of Heaven and hell

    As per times we all know that heaven is related to the soul of our body after death. It's commonly mentioned that after the soul rest in peace the person will reach heaven or hell according to his duties that he/she has done when their were alive. Generally they say if a person has done good work he will get heaven or else hell i,e opposite to good. Its even said that heaven is pleasant and hell is very unpleasant.
    But I always think nobody has come back and told us what is heaven ? and what is hell? this is all done by our surrounding environment. So I believe that living your life here when your alive is heaven because we know what is going around us. So to live our life like heaven it is possible here only, why wait till the death? which is abstract to us. Living our life here like heaven we can follow few rules by ourselves like be kind, be faithful, be truthful, be honest etc. These are all positive energy we get to live our life like heaven. So I don't think about future whether I will go to heaven or hell because I don't know about it and not interested to know also.
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    No one knows whether heaven or hell exists but as a concept it is present in many religions.

    There are many concepts and assumptions in our or to that matter in many other mythologies about a place where people go after death not in physical form bot in form of some energy which so far scientifically unexplained. In our mythology this is known as soul and it can take rebirth also in entirely another human or animal life who is totally ignorant about its past life.

    So the author of the thread has given a very good message regarding the life during this phase and to make it beautiful and harmonious. Let us forget our past life and life after death and only concentrate to make this life full of virtues and devoid of conflicts.

    Knowledge is power.

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    A person can make his family a heaven or a hell. As mentioned by the author nobody has come back and said heaven is there and hell is also there. General concept is heaven is a place of joy and peace. Hell is opposite to that. If you live your life with happy and joy you made your life a heavenly stay. If you make your stay very unhappy and no peace in life means you have stay at hell. Every human after death may reborn. When he has taken a new birth if he is happy and peaceful means in his previous life he has made many good acts that is why he is living this life in a heaven. If in his previous life if he has done many sins, in his rebirth he will not have any joy or peace. Hence lives in hell. This is my concept of hell and heaven
    always confident

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    "Paradise can be anywhere".
    You said it correctly. We only live once. Let's live this life purely. Let's no fight with each other over trivial issues.
    Love and peace are what people yearn for.

    The stronger a light shines the darker are the shadows around it.

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    Well heaven and hell would be different for every one. For me my mothers lap was heaven when I was young and learning. Then my teachers preaching was heaven when I was in the school. My lecturer advise was heaven for me when I was in college and now some good suggestions coming from my wife and children are heaven to me. Then what is the hell. That could be sudden set back in life. Not getting what was presumed and planned, abrupt end of life which may not be prolonging and above all when we are not destined to watch and appreciate good things in life, that situation itself is called hell.
    K Mohan
    'Idhuvum Kadandhu Pogum "
    Even this challenging situation would ease

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