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    What is Mind mapping?

    When I was moving from my house to the main road there is an Institute contains huge sign board in that sign board there is a list of points 1)Spoken English 2) Mind mapping.What is Mind mapping is it a science or any technique that used to know future happenings or any happenings? can we extract the thinkings of others mind by using this technique?Is there any one here learn Mind mapping technique?What really a Mind map?Knowledgeable members, please respond to the question.
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    It's not mysterious at all. Mind mapping is a diagram where various contents of a topic are classified under a certain diagram.
    The title being in the centre and important points all around it. Trivial points are shown too. This reduces the amount of time utilised on studying and makes memorizing easier.
    It's very effective because of the diagrams and arrows. It's a technique of visual learning.

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    What I understand from Mind mapping that preparing for a candidate to achieve the select target without distracting his mind towards other things. In a school or college we are subjected to learn many subjects on single day and there can be every chance of miss understanding and not understanding about a topic or subject. Where as mind mapping is the tutorial about a task or class where in diagrams and illustrations are widely used to give the comparative study of the matter in question. One shall have to dedicate total time for the particular subject and the understanding would be perfect.
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    Mind mapping is a technique used to understand a particular subject and its implications. Generally we will be making a notes when we want to remember a particular subject. Instead of taking a notes if we can create a diagram , the subject as the nucleus or centre of the diagram and around the center various points related to that subject with arrows will make us and our mind to remember the various points of a particular topics. For example if you want to remember about a cow, in the center you will mention and you will write various points of cow with arrows. Once you make a diagram like this ypu will remember the points easily. This technique is called mind mapping and there are some softwares developed for writing the mand maps for various subjects.
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