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    Let your life be with more actions than mere announcements !

    We move with different kinds of people around us. Some wants to do things in silence which other wont notice nor invite others comment on them. Their progress and achievements would be totally secret. Likewise some are habituated to do more announcements in advance but when it comes to implementation, they fail or may not meet the challenge. But there are people who take their life very seriously and they speak with more actions than mere words or promises. What kind of person you are ? Whom you like ?
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    It is true some may not talk much but take actions and go on doing their works. Many people may not notice tem or their works. They don't want also. But a day will be there on which the good works done by these people will get recognised.. On contrary some people talk a lot regarding? ; what they are going to do and how and when they are going to do what? They use bib gib words and very loud in their voice. Ultimately we see that they may not be performing at least 50% of what they talk.
    But in the present day scenario in the world, what you have done is not important, but how best you have presented your work to others is more important,

    always confident

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