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    Unable to edit the thread

    I want to edit a forum thread that I posted for TOW contest but I am unable to edit it as the link is not working.
    Link for the thread is Are marriages really made in heaven?
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    Sushma, you have raised this problem n the thread itself and now as a separate thread. I hope you would have tried possible ways at your end.
    I have raised a pots and edited it . I did not find any issue.
    What I suggest is, please send a PM to one of the forum editors about this matter and also what you want to edit.
    If it is just small editing they will do it for you, and if there are some technical issues they may escalate the matter to WMs.

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    I am facing the same problem these days. Whenever I post a thread, after posting I am not able to edit it. I thought it is some new rule from ISC that only the editors will edit,once something has been posted. If it's something else, I'd request the editors to clarify it.
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    I think the author and others who are facing non opening of edit options must change the browsers immediately so that the problem can be solved. For me there is no issue at all.
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    Sushma and Nilesh,
    The edit button is working. Try once again and confirm.

    Sushma, I have responded in the other thread as well.

    Thanks & Regards

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    No, it's not working. I tried the edit button in 3-4 of my threads and it's still not responding. I am giving the link of my latest thread:

    I tried it with a different browser as well. I am able to edit my comments but not the thread.

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    I think you are accessing ISC from mobile browser. There is technical glitch which is preventing us to access edit button from mobile browsers. Development team is already working on this and will be fixed soon.
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    I also faced the same Edit button problem when I tried to edit some of my content on a mobile device. But same button worked well when I started operating on my laptop. So as mentioned by Sultan Mustafijul Hoque the problem may be due to use of mobile for browsing the site and using Edit button on mobile.
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    Sushma, Nilesh and Dr.Rao,
    As mentioned by Sultan, edit button is not working in mobile device. Try editing in your laptop or desktop.

    Thanks & Regards

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