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    Why NITI Aayog Vice-Chairman Arvind Panagariya resigned?

    Mr.Modi himself selected Arvind Panagariya as NITI Ayog Vice-Chairman for transforming India into New Economic Giant. But not completing his task and in the brink of various economic reforms where India is undergoing at present resigned from his post. Like RBI Raghuram Rajan, as the relationship with PM Office, RSS and its associate organizations has weakened lead to to the resignation of Mr.Panagarya were the reasons predicted by press. Mr.Panagariya was disinterested in some of the economic reforms carried out by BJP government. Mr. Panagariya has commented against the government during his tenure at various times. Few weeks back he commented without Job creation potential by Modi's BJP government to reach 6-8% economic growth rate is not possible. Press reports indicating another official, Economic Advisor Mr. Arvind Subramanyan also likely to leave after this. Mr.Sbrahmanya Swamy of BJP also against Mr.Pangariya. What press reports tells is that only those who support BJP thinktank fully it welcomes and any suggestions they give against get ousted. Do you smell any possible reasons quitting one of the biggest post close to PM Modi of India for a weak reason?
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    Dr. Panagariya is a very brilliant economist who whole-heartedly supports market economy. He is a a great theoretician an proponent of free market. But like most of the academicians, he may feel uneasiness in working in a pure Government set-up. This is quite natural. However, Dr. Panagariya will continue providing guidance to the formulators and implementors of economic policy of the present Government.
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    For the economists the choice of politicians visas vis with some welfare reforms may not go down and sync with their thinking abilities. It was rumored that the political parties promising farm loan waiver in every manifesto and pressurizing the banks to do the favor has pushed the banking sector to the loss mode. Now the banks are fearing of waiving the farm loans. Though the central government would compensate the banks with some sort of help, the banks are loosing their cash reserved meant for other purpose. Housing and personal loans are mainly affected and Dr Panagariya was against this.
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    Dr. Panagariya is an economist who is always in support of market economy. He is a person who believes in free market. People who will have some understanding of the subject and understands the problems behind the proposals that are coming from the rulers may not be able to digest all those proposals. They may not be able to support wholeheartedly the proposals. Consequently they may try to be more advisers than executors. This is all in the game.
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