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    Spirit of co-operation in hospital : Need-based or humanitarian?

    I was very busy throughout the day in a hospital. One of my relatives has been admitted in a precarious condition. Throughout the day I have observed that there is a real spirit of co-operation among the accompanying relatives of the patients. Some relatives give directions to others, some help in filling up of the form, some call the doctors and nurses for other patients in emergency. Even relatives of other patients look after a lonely patient and encourage him/her.

    Generally under normal circumstances, in modern-day society we don't observe so much co-operation, especially in Delhi. Is this co-operation in hospital is entirely need-based with an expectation to the effect that if I help others, they will help me in need. Or is it totally on humanitarian ground as a duty and responsibility to other human beings?

    Members may kindly give their opinion.
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    Mr. Mohan: The subject of my thread is different. I was talking about spirit of co-operation among relatives of different patients admitted in a hospital.
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    In the present day trend, many people ignore or set aide the relatives as they do not find time to host them. Many people hesitates if we go to such relatives' houses on any exigency. But as the author told the only place where we can realize the importance of the relations. I was in an hospital to attend my brother at Madurai for fifteen days. During that period I helped the other patients' rooms also as there was lack of persons to help them. I used ask them if they need anything whenever I go to the canteen or outside. One of the patient's attender(aged nearly 70), cried much by seeing this as they are suffering much without help though there are so many relatives to them. They missed them because her husband's action in early periods as he never allowed any relations of both sides by thinking that they are only for money. I saw people of many relations are crying outside of the ICU for the patient along with the attenders. We should offer our possible help to others also when we happened to be in such situation.

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    This is true generally in the hospitals when a patient got admitted, these hospitals don't allow many people to be with the patient in the hospital. They may allow only person. So the patient' aid may be needing additional help. The next patient's aid willbe helping. This mutual help willbe there in the hospitals always. If a person goes to get a tea, he will carry the flask of the next patient and bring coffee or tea to him. This is mainly due to humanitarian grounds only. They are having difficulties so they can appreciate the difficulties of the others also. Hence they will try to help each other. Many times in hospitals I observed. This is a need based help under humanitarian grounds only. Once they are out of hospital they willbe busy with their works. This concept of helping each other still prevails in many hospitals.

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