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    How to earn more through Google Adsense through India Study Channel

    How to earn through Google Adsense through India Study Channel. In which categories their is more visitors come. I want to be Gold member so that i can associate my google adsense account. How much i can earn through google adsense in ISC in a month. How can i attract more visitors to my posts in ISC and in which categories i should focus to earn more ?
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    There are many ways to earn money through this site and all you need is the zeal to create good articles with your own idea and not to be shared any copied content from other site. As long as you maintain your originality in writing, there is no dearth for getting awards, rewards, recognition, cash credits and above all good points for every article written along with good cash also credited to your profile account. All those achievements would lead to gold level and after that you can apply for Adsense. Here also the more your pages are visited and read by the net users, your earning from Google would depend on it. Not only article, even participation in this section and various section would bring you adsense revenue . One thing is sure, after getting adsense approval your earning spree would trickle in even when you are away from computer and attend other works.
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    There are certain guidelines which you need follow continuously to earn from Google Adsense account. Note that it mainly depends on the content quality and search engine friendliness of your content. There are various articles written at this site to help members know about Google Adsense and how to start with that . One of such article is How to earn from ISC and Google Adsense?. Kindly click on the link and go through the article completely. At the end of the article you will see more links and references related to earning money with Google Adsense. You can go through those links as well for better understanding. Hope this will help you to know about Adsense and how to start with it.

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    There are plenty of methods to earn with ISC in all the sections from Forums to all other sections. All sections that you contribute, you're eligible to earn a revenue share for a period of one year that is equal to 365 days.

    Second, only a top contributor in various sections like AE, Forum, Resources etc. are earning few dollars a month through Adsense revenue share program. I can honestly say that earnings (Cash Credit) from ISC worth more than Adsense revenue shares because the Adsense pays you $0.01 for 1000 views or page impressions, while ISC pays a Cash Credit of Rupees 1 to 50 in forum, Ask Expert and 50 to 100 in resource section along with super contributor Awards, thread of the week, star of the week, month, and extra bonus of Revenue Share Bonus which is more than Adsense revenue share earnings.

    Adsense is just an alternative to make few dollars a month. So far, in my personal experience I have earned more cash credit and revenue share bonus that Adsense earnings from six sites; YouTube, Blog, Website, ISC and two other hosted sites.

    My suggestion is that you stick around with ISC contributing regularly for a time and you'll get the result in week.

    Also, if you're intrigued to apply for Adsense, one has to have 10 approved articles, must be a member at ISC for minimum six months, a valid profile picture, must win at-least ONE award and must be a Gold Member.

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    Contents quality matters to increase your earning. Just post unique contents on websites which is new on searching google will index it automatically. Create one or two posts daily to ask experts and forum section to increase your advertisement display pages.

    Keywords are also important use some new words try to research on google for good keywords and include in your posts if its relevant to your contents.

    Santosh Kumar Singh
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    Participate more in the site. Contribute in article section, forum section, Ask Expert Section and post your ideas and comments on the subject . Once you become gold member. You will get qualified for Google Adsense revenue. In addition to that you will get points for your contributions, cash credits, awards and rewards. You have to apply for Adsense revenue. The procedure is described in help section. Go through that you will understand in a better way. All the best to you
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