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    Heavenly feelings on earth

    Don't know if there is any heaven or not but there are some feelings that we get in our daily lives that can be said to be heavenly. Sleeping inside with a blanket when it is raining heavily outside, you feel like you are safe in your own heavenly haven and no one can harm you. Then there is the feeling you get when you look at little kids playing; their eyes seem so innocent, unaware of all the bad things in this world. When you achieve something in life and share your joy with your parents, they are more proud than you are; they share your success with anyone they meet. There is this heavenly satisfaction you get that you have atleast done something for them. When you meet an old friend after a long time and you talk like nothing has changed; seeing the spark and happiness in their eyes, it's priceless; you shed the mask you keep on wearing in front of the world and you can be yourself; you laugh at the stupidest of things, talk for hours without the fear of being judged. Drinking water after a long tiresome journey; that one sip of water feels better than any costly drink in this world. When you return back to your home for a vacation after a long time, seeing the happiness in your mother's eyes, if that feeling is not heavenly then nothing is; everyone likes being pampered and being taken care of like an infant is very satisfying. These little things may seem insignificant and we might not realise their value but these little things go a long way in helping us find heaven on earth.
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    The author has well brought out the small happiness every one would feel after reaching the satisfied goal which happens to us regularly and that is called heaven on earth.
    K Mohan
    'Idhuvum Kadandhu Pogum "
    Even this challenging situation would ease

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