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    Quote Quest : Word of the day "Friend"

    Dear ISCians,

    Welcome to the first ever challenge of 'Quote Quest'. This is a contest which will be done every Sundays so as to improve the vocabulary skills of our members. Quote quest, if found interesting during the first few attempts may be changed to daily challenges. So I sincerely hope for the strong participation here.

    Today being friendship day it is time to remember your sweet friends and share your memories with them. Word of the day is "FRIEND". Use this word to creat a quote as 1 liner, a short poem or a story of your own creation.


    1. Must create your own quote and post it.

    2. Copied contests or spam are strictly violated.

    3. You can attach related pic after editing your quote into it along with your post. It's not mandatory.

    4. There is no limit in posting. You can come up with more than 1 quote or poem or story.

    5. Your content must include the word of the day.

    6. Do not pullout your queries and suggestions in this thread. Try posting as a new forum or respond here when the contest expires.

    The ultimate aim of this contest is to improve the vocabulary skills of members here. So I highly recommend everyone to use suitable synonyms so as to learn new words and also to give your quote an extra punch. Looking forward for those creative minds. Happy inking.
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    Quote created by Partha Kansabanik:

    Don't turn friend into foe by your action.

    Beware! I question everything and everybody.

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    "You may get a soul mate without a hitch.

    You may get a persons company with cinch.

    But to own a true friend is so damn arduous.

    That friend to whom you can speak your heart.

    That friend who would be your bestie for life.

    That friend who is ready to sacrifice no matter what.

    If you own one, then you are the luckiest of all"

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    Oh! My lovely friend!
    I don't want to be a burden!
    Why do you want to stay?
    When you can go your own way?

    Once again a year went by
    Didn't realize how fast time flies
    I met the same people in different ways
    Came to know their secrets and true face.
    With their smiles engraved in my heart
    And their voices echoing in my ears
    We all got our own lives to live
    I've got mine and you've got yours.

    I tried my best to make memories with you.
    But I'm afraid I've only made few.
    Can you do me a favor and not forget me?
    Because I don't want to vanish in your memory.

    The stronger a light shines the darker are the shadows around it.

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    Here is the quotes from my side :

    For me a friend is above relative and others
    because I feel at home and share with him all those which shivers

    Friend is the person who can be trusted
    and relatives are those with whom our time wasted

    K Mohan
    'Idhuvum Kadandhu Pogum "
    Even this challenging situation would ease

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    A friend who stands by you in difficult times is your real friend.
    When you have many and you are able to spend many people will come around you and praise. Once you spend all your money and no money further to spend these people will vanish. Only a real friend will stay with you Evan that time also with you.
    If the pond if full of water many frogs will come. But if the pond gets dried all frogs will ran away.
    We should be able to recognise a real friend.

    always confident

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    Quote about Topic Friend from my side :

    Friend for my life is Rasgulla with Ras..
    Friends are like Gods who stood by you in good and bad times as God does ?

    Hope all likes my quotes.

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    Quote about Topic Friend from my side :

    Friends are my HD channels in my HD Life without them my life is dabba

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