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    Cow from the another angle of science

    We, our Indians are worshiping cows as God or God's identity. It is because of the purity in cow and the cow's milk considered as superior food for all. However recently there are some news advised that the cow's milk is not good for health (in earlier 1970's there was an important question in the science lessons in schools that milk is a whole food). The dung of the cow (not buffalos) was considered as disinfectant in all houses, they used to sprinkle the water mixed cow dung daily in the entrance of every houses. The dried cakes made of cow dung were used in yagnas etc. The ashes made out of the dried cow dung cakes are considered as holy. It was lately considered as bad through the science fictions of western countries. Our people forget one thing that those western country scientists and people do not know about cow and its importance. It was opposed by many and people start killing cows and start eating them. Recently there is some uproar over the ban of cow slaughter also. Now the situation turns by the same scientists. Recent American scientists declare that the cow's digestive system is good one and the immune system in cows are more than as of any other and human. A specific thing from the body of cows are highly useful to kill the HIV virus as declared out of a recent research of National Institute of Health of America and International Aids vaccine Initiative and Scribes Research Institute. Dr. Devin sac Research Scholar of the Institute told as he astonished more while seeing the research results over the cow and HIV virus killing. In a magazine 'nature' it has been mentioned that the digestive system in cows are very strange but the same was mentioned in our school text books of 6th standard during the year 1966 itself.
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    It is our tradition to believe werten thoughts more than our Indian Culture. During my childhood in our village many people used to worship cow and treat them like God. But in between there was a change in the attitude. Nowadays many people started cow protection and in many villages cow sheds are built in the temples and cows are being fed there. The milk is used for the service of the GOD.
    As mentioned by the author in the post, I read in my 7th class about milk and in that lesson about the milk mentioned about Milk as a whole food. Drinking cow milk daily as it is will give you good energy and health. In Ayurved there are some medicines in which Cow urine is being used as an ingredient . So cow is helping the mankind in different and many ways. So please save the cow.

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    Thank you docor Ji, for affirming word 'milk as a whole food' read during the schooling. Many of my friends denied and I got surprised how they forget the school lessons or are they for humbug saying so. Now many doctors are telling to avoid milk as it is not good for health I am surprising why such doctors are becoming so commercialize and polluting the minds of public.

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    From the author narration we could able to get more information about the cow. Cow is the most sacred animal and we the Hindus pray it a lot. By touching a cow if you spot it on the road, you are reaching out to 3 crore Gods residing in it. By taking Go Mutra or Cow urine you are purifying yourself against all the sin. In fact our elders used to prepare the mixture of cow urine, cow dung, milk, curd and ghee which is called Panchakavyam and this is given to those who have gone through the phase of non recognition to the status of doing Hindu rituals. Thus every thing taken out of cow purifies us,
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    The only thing strange about the digestive system of a cow is "Rumination". And that it's stomach has four parts. Rest, it's the same as every other herbivore. I think cows are overrated. I would never deny it's usefulness and sacredness but cows kind of overshadow other animals. We are content with cows are not willing to research about other animals in our vicinity. Who knows, we may find a panacea from a goat or a hen!
    I think it's time to set aside the go-matha and concern ourselves with other animals too. After all, conservation is nothing lesser than a worship.

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