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    Grapes used by us daily without knowing its best usages.

    Grapes used by us daily without knowing its best usages.The following are its greatness:
    1. The contents of sugar, carbohydrate, dextrose, fructose, pectin, tartaric acid, protein, calcium, copper, iron, potassium are rich.
    2. The usage of grapes and mangoes yields briskness in us
    3. As it will affect sleep, we should avoid using grapes in nights
    4. Those who suffers from acidity, ulcer should not take Grapes in empty stomach.
    5. The glucose level in blood will be controlled by usage of grapes and thereby fat in the body will get reduced
    6. The stomach pain sufferings during period times in ladies will get cured by using grapes.
    7. It controls the chemical reaction of estrogen in ladies and reduces the chances of getting breast cancer.
    8. Stomach ulcer, constipation will be cured in ladies during pregnancy by using grapes.
    9. It purifies the blood in our body.
    10. Regular usage of grapes will increase body weight and controls the body heat for those has heat body.
    11. The rezveratol contents in grapes controls the growth of cancer cells and controls the growth of unwanted tumors.
    12. The usage of grapes improves appetite and cures all types of stomach disorders.
    13. The shrinkage of skins will get removed by applying the grinded grapes in the face and removed by washing after 15 minutes.
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    The uses of grapes were given in full length and detail. I thank the for the information given. Grapes are really good for us to health. It is very nice to know that grapes can prevent cancer also , It is a good food for all.
    always confident

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