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    Frequent eating of non vegetarian items is danger to health

    Eating of non vegetarian is however reducing in many parts of the world gradually nowadays. It is found from science that frequent usage of non vegetarian items in our food leads to danger in health also.

    • The fat content of such food item develops many health hazards in our body.

    • It enhances the body weight which further develops Hypertension, diabetics etc.,

    • The bad cholesterol contents of non vegetarian foods controls good cholesterol and increases the and thereby possibilities of having blockades in veins, heart attack, paralysis are high.

    • When we daily use the non vegetarian foods, the protein content accumulates in high level and thereby the kidney will get affected much.

    • It is observed that the chickens were injected estrogen for its high growth and weight and the same will affect health to those ladies who eats frequently in earlier puberty, improper periods, uterus disorders, uterus cancer.
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    I am a pure vegetarian. I have not even tasted a omlet so far. But I heard and read many times that vegetarians will maintain a better health than nonvegetarians. Many doctors also advised many times to avoid non veg. But why it is to be avoided is very nicely explained in the thread.
    Thanks to the author for this good information. Slowly the percentage of non vegetarians is reducing and vegetarians is increasing. Good going.

    always confident

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    It is true that large consumption of non-veg foods is not good for health. There are some non-veg foods like red meat which are prohibited in many medical conditions even by allopathic doctors.

    One interesting thing is people like non-veg food not because of its raw taste but because of the spices which are used in its preparations. If same spices are used in same way in veg foods they will be equally tasty.

    Well cooked non-veg food in limited quantity is believed to be beneficial for health.

    If possible we should refrain from non-veg foods because we are getting sufficient nutrition from the veg food itself.

    Knowledge is power.

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