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    None but We are to Blame for our Failures

    We always try to get success in all our endeavours. Sometimes we get it and fails at other times. However, whenever we fail to achieve our desired objectives, we make excuses for our failures and try to blame others.

    Is it always justified? Should we not try to assess ourselves and try to find out the reasons of our failures?

    It is quite easy to give excuses and blame others for anything or everything but ultimately, it harms ourselves. Therefore, instead of doing so, we should try to analyse the flaws within ourselves and try to amend them so that we can improve ourselves and taste the sweet fruit of success whenever the time comes.

    Do the other knowledgeable members agree with me or think otherwise?
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    If you are doer you are responsible for success or failure. Some people always try to take the success on their stride and they will try to blame others for the failures. These people try to take credit when they are successful and blame others pr system for failures but never own the responsibilities. Many places this type of people are existing and no doubt about. If yo own the success, you should own the failures also Giving some excuses and blaming the third party is always a practice for many people. But that attitude is never correct. Own the responsibility of failure. Analyse the result and see the root cause for failure and introduce the solution for the problem. You will succeed in your attempt.
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    When we get success continuously we may feel that it is because of our ability and no one is responsible for that. However when we face failure all questions and blame shifting starts.

    The fact is somewhere in between. There are times and occasions when things are not under our control. With all great efforts and ability, we may not be successful. Sometimes even when we ourselves do not expect, we may become successful. That is why it is advised 'Pary to God,Oh sailor! but row towards the shore'. That is why Bhagavat Gita teaches us 'Karmanyevaadhikaaraste....". One old saying 'Mantram kaal, mathi mukkaal'- Mantras or prayers constitute one quarter; three quarters are contributed by our own efforts and intellect.

    There is a' gap between the cup and the lips'. Some may call that small gap as luck or fate .

    We have to learn to take success and failure in stride.

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