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    Do you like colored foods?

    Today in market most of the edible items are colored to attract the customer. Whether it is sweets, restaurant food, chocolates, lollipops, ready-made food items etc everything is colored.

    Though there are edible colors and their amount in these items is regulated by Govt rules and agencies are there to monitor it still there is lot of adulteration in these things and these colors are harmful for our health in one way or other.

    People consume these food items without any fear or bothering for their health. We are accepting these things as a matter of routine.

    Do you also like these colored foods? What is your opinion on this?
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    Colored foods are not good for our health. The coloured material which gives colour to the item is synthetic and they use dyes to give colour to the items.These dyes are not good for eating and they may cause various health problems. So it is advisable not to eat these colored foods.
    There are some edible colours but the availability is very rare and people use ordinary colours. So is ia always better to be away from this coloured items sold outside in the sweet shops.
    Even the oil they use is also not good and try avoid these foods.

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    Yes, like everybody else, I am attracted to coloured food. But I restrain myself from taking coloured food because I know it very well that it is not good for health.
    Beware! I question everything and everybody.

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    In those days, that is during our schooling, there was ice vendors selling scrubbed plain Ice fixed in a stick and that was poured with different colors(with sweet). This was nearly 10 to 15 paise and the taste was good. We were very much interested to taste it. Later we came to know that colors were permitted one. Similarly in general we can see the food items made by using colors were marked as 'used with permitted colors'. we can see some milk cakes in sweet stalls, functions used some colors. It is good till the preparing persons and selling persons do not intend cheating others or commercial minded.

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    Even the looks of food are equally essential for raising the appetite. You might worry about food colors, because they're made of petrochemicals. Hence they're carcinogenic in nature. But the food dyes nowadays are claimed to be chemical free. We can always add natural colors to food right? There's turmeric, grape juice, coffee, cabbage etc..; which naturally impart color to food. In countries like UK there's a warning label on food containing synthetic dyes.
    The stronger a light shines the darker are the shadows around it.

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