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    I need to know a computer internal device problem

    sir recently my hard disk have been dead, iam planning to buy a new hardisk online but i'm confused because of various kinds of had disks that is available so please tell me that whether all the kinds of is supportable to any pc
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    Please consult a computer repairing mechanic who has the all set up and seek his advise. Which version of hardware and software would be suitable according to your requirement shall be advised. Now a days going for new computer hard disk with new formats is the best option as the old formats with old programs have become obsolete and wont work after a some time. In Hyderabad there are computer bazar from where you can do the work done with experts at minimum time and less charge. The Parklane computer bazar is the best place to redress all the computer problems in one go.
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    Is your computer a Desktop Or Laptop?

    Considering the hardware of Desktop and Motherboards, the desktop version only supports HDD. However, you can go for HDD or SSTD (Expensive, and latest) if owing a laptop.

    Desktop are good but doesn't always support latest version of internal Hard Disk Drives.

    You should better search compatible drives in Amazon or Snapdeal.

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    You can search your laptop or computer model for harddisk support on google and also take advice from any computer repair shop to get exact match of your harddisk. Otherwise you can also buy external harddisk for only storage purpose.
    Santosh Kumar Singh
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    I advise you to go for a external hard disc. Show your instrument to a computer repairer. He will just understand what is the problem. Whether the hard disc in your instrument is repairable or not possible . These possibilities will be seen by him and advise you accordingly.
    Don;t decided on your own by looking into online sale agencies. Better always take the help of a professional. If you don't feel like going to a professional, you go for a external disc and start using that.

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    If it is a hardware problem the disk repair or formatting may be required. In case of software issue installing the system again may help in this situation.
    Anyway you will need help of a qualified person to diagnose it with certain commands at the time of booting or directly going for disk replacement.

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    Copied from response at #605259.

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