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    Which city or state in India the most influence of western culture?

    I had been there in Mumbai for four years as I observed several things in Mumbai city except for language I think many of the aspects they are influenced by western people and culture especially the dress styles, consuming of Hard drinks(alcohol drinks), smoking cigarettes, sex in public regardless of gender.But my colleagues and friends said that even Delhi the capital city of India is more influence of western culture than Mumbai.Some friends said that Goa is more influence of western culture because of Tourism spot and invaded by Dutch people.Which city or state in India is the most influence of Western culture.Is it Mumbai, Delhi, Goa, Kolkatta or any other place.Knowledgeable members, please respond to the question.
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    I have seen all the three feeling is Goa comes first in the list,then comes Mumbai and the third is Delhi. Goa you find many with that foreign culture. Whatever you have explained in your post all those are prevailing in Goa. Moreover you will find many foreigners in this city. So if you go to a beach or a star hotel or a bar or a pub you find many people busy in drinking,smoking,dancing and whatnot all that you have mentioned in your post. I visited Goa many times.
    Mumbai also I am a regular visitor. Here also the impact of western culture is very high. I have seenlot of Western impact there.
    I am a regular visitor I'd Delhi, I find comparatively less people who got influenced more by this western culture.
    Now in India in many cities and eve towns also people getting attracted to this western culture and behaving in a very bad way.
    Foreigners trying to absorb our culture but unfortunately our people are travelling to their future.

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    So-called western culture (this is a loosely-defined term because not all western countries are same/similar) can be observed in almost all major cities of India, but among the people belonging to a particular class. The upwardly mobile, nuvo-rich people of all major cities of India are bindly following those glitzy aspects of western culture. But they don't follow the cleanliness, discipline, punctuality which are the hallmarks of the western culture.
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    For that Western Culture has been penetrated to every city which is big in India and we cannot single out which city is more influenced. One thing is sure, the social media, the contacts which people have with others living in famous countries, do get influenced by the culture and their life styles. Even in Hyderabad if you go to Banjara and Jubilee hills, people are crazy about night club life, Hookah center and having the booze in public at Necklace Road. All happens without the police notice. However those who drunk and drive the vehicle after 11 pm at night are caught by the police and arrested.
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    I hate this thing. Why does every bad thing we do be called as "western influence"? They didn't even promote or urge us to do so. And we only see the "party" influence of the Western culture upon us and call them evil. Discipline is something that Britishers left behind. We owe our army to them. We owe bakery items to French. We owe navy to Dutch. We owe trades to Portugal. We owe our railways to them. We owe a lot to Western Culture. We never gave them credit for all those things. Tobacco, opium and alcohol existed even before Westerners came in. There's no way you can call it an influence then, can you?

    Well, if you look at the beach parties and luxury life of Goa and call it heavily influenced by West, then you must rethink about it. Because West is much more than that. Well, there are Pondichery, parts of Kerala which lead a disciplined heavily Western influenced life. Surprisingly enough, the habits of Lucknowi people are similar to today's English people. We can never tell.

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    I would like to ask the author Bhushan that what does he actually mean by "western culture"? Does he mean by "dress style", drinking, about opinion in sex , what? Let me ask him to go through our very own culture, go through some details in history and then come to discussion.

    I am here in Mumbai for past 10 years and I find no fault on it as mentioned by author tagging western culture. However, I would like to ask him in which public place he found the sex act ? What does he actually mean "sex in public"?

    Dress style: What wrong he found in dress style in Mumbai? Actually people whose roots are old thinking never wants to change with times can say such think. Women here mostly wear jeans and it is obvious one need to be fast when catching train or buses, which can't be done with Sari. More than the dress if people change their mind and eyes the way they look it would do world of good to our country.

    Hard drinks and alcohol: In which metro city or small city people don't drink? I was in Chennai for 6 years and Pondichery for one year and I had found a alcohol shop in each and every corner during 1997-2003. Although, it is nothing new to our culture, its having very old history when people used to have "Madira" now alcohol.

    Sex in Public: So far I have never seen in any public place. Yes, I agree that their are hugs and kisses in rare occasion but that can't comes under 'sex act'.

    Smoking Cigarette: I am sorry I didn't know that only Mumbai people smoke.

    Isn't you feel this thread is actually posted to humiliate some zonal city.

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    I don't think that all the things you mentioned can be called as western culture. They are just part of all the bad things we adopted from cinema or we already have but they were hidden behind the social mannerism we already have. And for all the wrong things in our society we have an easy target western culture.
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