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    Do real donors want to publicize their names on boards?

    As I went to Anjaneya Swamy Temple(Hanuman) outside of the temple there are beautiful lights are placed and cement chairs are present but each of the beautiful lights there is a board written donated by so and so as I went to sit on the cement chair there also it is written as donated by a name is present.As I went to park after my walking is done and I want to relax a bit in that chairs it is written as donated by so and so the person.As I went to the bus stop there also it is written as in memorial of name and donated by name.Do real donors want to publicize their names on boards?Knowledgeable members, please respond to the question.
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    People donate various kinds of things to temples. There are small thing like bells. I've seen people writing their names on the bells. I think they write it just to make a memory as when they'll visit again, they can remember about their previous journeys. There can't be a secondary motive here as no one is gonna appreciate you for donating a bell; but when it comes to the bigger items like chairs or constructing a shed for people to sit, it's generally for publicity. Most of the time these people are the ones who want to take part in an upcoming election or so. I don't think that it's a donation and then there are some items on which they also write the amount that it took to purchase it construct that. So it's not a donation at all. It's just for publicity. A donation is when you donate something and don't expect anything else in return or else it's just doing business.
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    Donor are basically of two types - one those who are silent donors and are not bothered whether their name is engraved in the marble or not.

    On the other hand the second types are very much particular about their names to be written on the boards and other visuals and they will not donate if it is not done to their satisfaction.

    So the question is whether the individual is doing it for fame and name or without any such thing in return. There are very few who do it in unselfish ways.

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    As per Hindu Shastra those who are able and has the capacity to help others, must donate for the cause and that should not be known to anyone. In fact the donation given by right hand should not be known to the left hand. In Tirupathi , many big people have darshan of Lord Venkateshwara and offer their promises through cash in the Hundi or Dhaan Peti kept in the temple. Some times we find big amount in lakh and crores. So just imagine such donors who does not want their name to appear as donor. But on the other hand some would donate a fan to the temple and write their name in all the wings.
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    My understanding here is more than the donors, the temple administration want this. They write the names of the people who donated and what they have donated. In some temples on the walls you can see a list of people who donated money for the uplift of that particular temple. They will say Mr.X donated so much money. The list goes like that. The reason behind this is to attract more people to donate. By seeing the names and lists many feel that they should also donate something to the temple.,
    Another reason is income tax concessions. Many donations to the temples or places of worship are exempted from income tax if the temple obtains a certificate from Government. TTD will give IT certificates for the donations you have made to certain schemes like Nitya Annadana Pathakam.
    Finally as mentioned in other posts to get popularity also they may get their names written on the items they have donated.

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