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    Do advertise in media on occasions is a royalty or information?

    As in the morning, I woke up and if I have a time I will refer News paper in the inner pages of the news paper there are many ads posted regarding on occasion birthdays, Annual ceremonies, wedding anniversaries, marriages, job retirement, naming ceremonies e.t.c. It is not only in Print media and it is extended up to Television news channels(electronic media).Do advertise in print or electronic media is a royalty or to provide information for their near and dear ones.Knowledgeable members, please respond to the question.
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    Advertising in news papers and media is the total prerogative of the concerned people and there cannot be influenced by others. Print media ads are cheaper than the electronic media. What I feel that occasions which are small and subject to the family gathering need not be publicized with ads on television which is very costly. The other day I have seen some enthusiastic party worker of a political party has given the ads for the birthday wishes of his leader and that amused me. The ads on television are costly and why people are ready to waste money for getting mileage over such ads.
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    Generally these ads in newspaper or electronic media are for many influential persons especially for political leaders. To please these leaders some normal members of political parties will do this. Similarly there are some people who wants to see their name and photo in print advise some of their friends to give an advertisement in the paper and money spent with some addition will be given to his friends by the individual.
    I know some people who arrange felicitations to known people by taking some money from the individual who is getting facilitated. This is more so in case of Astrologers and vaastu pandits as they have to get recognised by different people to widen their client list.
    Also some genuine people, who want express their gratitude to their teachers and others, will be doing this.
    So mainly these advertisements are for popularity and minor percentage will be for other reasons.

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