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    Youth steps in the wrong direction for heavenly pleasures

    Nowadays the most burning problem when we refer the news papers we see the drug addiction most of the people who are slaves or addicted to that are youth people as they assume that drugs will give them a heavenly pleasure not only drugs even smoking cigarettes and alcohols e.t.c.As the youth of this country going down in the wrong direction and getting addicted or slaves to the dirtiest habits as what they assume that these dangerous seductive things will give them heavenly pleasures.So my sincere request to them is alcohol addiction, drug addiction, sex will not give them heavenly pleasure it will show the direction of hell.
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    Nice post from the author connecting to the latest drug menace being tried in Hyderabad. Though drug abuse has been happening since many years, the youth are more attracted to new ways and thus personalities from many walks of life and their children are involved in drug use and even marketing it. What is more astonishing that evil mongers are not leaving the schools too and they are habituating the little children toward drugs.. Parents and other law enforcing agencies must have the third eye on illegal movement of people with suspicious looks so that drug abuse peddlers can be wiped out.
    K Mohan
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    Even this challenging situation would ease

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    It is true. Youth is getting addicted to all bad habits and spoiling their lives unnecessarily. I am seeing some college students of a college near to my house. They stand outside the college in a group of 3 or 4 and chitchat while smoking. They are in graduation and they are habituated to smoking during college hours. I always get a doubt that what these people will be doing after college hours. Really getting disturbed.
    Many students travel by trains to the nearest place to go to their Engineering colleges in the near by places. In those trains if you see near the toilets a girl and a boy will stand and go on talking there only. If some other passengers come there are also they never bother. The people who are observing them will get annoyed with their behavior. Then can come and sit on the seats and discuss. But they will never do that.
    By seeing this type of incidents I feel the reputation of the country itself is at stake. These young full should realise and correct themselves. They should change their habits and behavior in such a way that they will have all good habits and they should become role models to the next generation of youth. Parents should also try to see that their wards will not become victims for all these bad problems like drugs, smoking,drinking etc.

    always confident

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