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    Feeling more blessed as today myself and my son participated in Sudharshana homam at a temple.

    Those who seek divine intervention and also having succeeded in getting the boon would perform Sudharshana Maha Homam with inclusive participation of like minded people who are well versed in chanting Sudharshana Maha Mantram for more than 800 times on their own. Today myself and my son had the opportunity to participate in such religious homam and I felt totally blessed. While rendering such Mantram in unison amid many people, we feel the penetration of divine trans in our body and we forget rest of the world for five hours.
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    It's so sweet to here. Being devine and sacrificing yourself for god is the best thing one can do. If you are a true believer of God and do follow according to his guidance then even impossible can be deciphered into a possible one.

    Anyway, I appreciate author for sharing this as I was not aware of this homam. Nicely penned.

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    This homam has to be done with mighty participation of devotees and the vibrations of the mantra would make everyone goes to the trance stage.
    K Mohan
    'Idhuvum Kadandhu Pogum "
    Even this challenging situation would ease

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    Congratulations K.Mohan for you and your son. Both of you are lucky enough to participate in Sudarsana Yagam in a temple. It give immense pleasure to us when we participate in this kind of programs which are good for life before death and also for life after death also. Our life after death may be much more longer than our life before death. So happiness in that life is also very important. These pious deeds of us will be a blessing for us to have a happy and pleasant life after death also.
    It is a unique experience to participate in such activities. The loud chantings of the pandits inviting all the Gods to the place of activity, the flame that is coming out from the homa gundam and the smoke with a ghee smell all around will be a unforgettable movement which will make us to be very pious not only in our actions but also in thoughts.
    A nice experience to you.

    always confident

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