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    Do Night studies really worth in securing good rank or marks?

    When I was in Intermediate in a residential system there are many of friends who sat in a chair and prepare exams.In the morning they will tell to their friends proudly Yesterday I haven't sleep the whole night. As so many experts will tell that our brain will only grasp up to 9 P.M after that it is a waste to study after 9.Do Night studies really worth in securing good rank or marks?As it is good to wake up early in the morning and prepare for exams.What are your thoughts on this?
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    Early morning reading benefits the most. Your mind is most active at that time. Forgoing rest is not a good option particularly not during exams. Exams impose a lot of stress upon mind and body. We need a full night's rest for sure.
    Moreover the things you studied during the day revolve in your mind when you sleep. You subconsciously realize your mettle by then. Group studies are only beneficial to ones who are slow to learn. But they're not really that recommended. Neither are night studies. So the combination of both, is surely not recommended.

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    This is an interesting as well as intriguing thread. Night owls are well known for their unprecedented success in their attempts in exams and competition.

    Actually it is a personal choice whether to read in night or the usual hours. Some people are so much obsessed with night study that they will not study in day time however convenient it may be.

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    It is always better to read early in the morning before sunrise. My personal experience was when we get up at 4.00 AM and continue studies upto 6.00 AM. The points whatever you are studying in these ours will be remembered for long time. I used to get up everyday at 4 AM during my school days and read up to 6 AM. Those days whatever I read during these hours I used to remember long time. In the nights I used to study up to 9.30 PM and go for sleep.
    During me post graduation I was staying in a hostel. There many people used to sit late hours for studies. But lot of time was getting wasted to go out for tea in between and they used spend lot of time on other things and ultimately their output is very less. But I never practiced that and I continued my timings as usual.

    So my advice to students of present day is go to bed early and get up early and read at that time. Your subject and your remembering power also will increase. Don't be awake after 10.00 PM.

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    It varies from individual to individual. Everyone functions in a different way. I don't think it's true that our mind stops grasping after 9:00 PM atleast not for me. I always start studying after 11:00 PM or so and during exams I sometimes even study the whole night. I have always studied like this and have been among the top students of my class and have cracked a few competitive exams as well. So I don't think only morning study is helpful. One should choose a time in which he/she feels comfortable and is able to understand more.
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    What I gained from my personal experience and also by the experience of others, studying early in the morning would help you to grasp the contents and lesson and that will be remembered the whole day. There are reasons to believe this. Early in the morning it will be pin drop silence and the mind will be fresh from the sleep and the concentration would be total. By having late night studies, you may remember some good points, but what is the use when you are disturbing the sleep and that will give rise to fresh problems health wise. Moreover after studies and going to sleep will make you to forget things that have been understood. Therefore I strongly feel that studying early in the morning is highly recommended for thorough remembrance and getting new ideas about how to write the exams.
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