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    Are we impressed by looks or virtues?

    In our life we encounter with many people and sometimes we are very much impressed by their looks and get ups. As the encounters are for a short period we have not much knowledge about nature and the good impression remains in the mind for long.
    There are other occasions when we have an opportunity of living with a person having good looks but we find that his habits are not good and his behaviour is worse. Our opinion about the person becomes negative and we are not now attracted to his looks.
    So what is important looks or virtues?
    Please give your opinion on this?
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    Obviously it's the virtue that everyone needs. Because looks won't last long. But this is also true- No one falls in love with your character in the first sight. If packaging isn't good, you wouldn't buy a product right? It's the same thing here. I'm not urging everyone to be beautiful. We can't be even if we wanted. But you can look presentable at the least. People always listen to a presentable person. So strike an impression with someone by your appearance first.
    Then start unveiling your character. If you got lucky you might impress them with both.

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    Like everything in life, it is the packaging that we first see. So, yes, initially, most people are enamoured by the exterior qualities of other individuals. It could be their looks, the colour of their skin, the clothes they wear, the way they carry and conduct themselves…we get to see the packaging and make our first impressions based on that.

    However, the fact of the matter is that all these are superficial. The physical attributes of people do not necessarily make them good humans. Our views change once we interact with people and get to know them better. Then we form opinions based on the true personalities of the people. It is only then that true friendships, associations and relationships flourish.

    A social experiment, conducted, by a group of psychologist was aired on television, wherein two people on the street were shown in distress. One was well-dressed and the other a vagabond. Passer-by's stopped to help the individual who was well-groomed but walked past the one who was dressed as a beggar. Human psychology was at play, it was a reflection of how we behave in real life.

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    If we see the heroine in a movie she looks beautiful. Her dressing, her makeup and her facial expressions all will give a feeling she is very beautiful. So there we are going by her appearance. About her acting skills we will understand only after seeing her performance throughout the movies only. Similarly when we see a new person we will get impressed by his dressing, skin colour, facial expression and way of talking. But we can't understand the nature of the man by seeing him. His qualities will be known after observing him for some time and seeing him for some days. Once we feel that his ways and methods are good we will continue to be a friend of him. Always virtues are more important. A person may be good looking but if he deceives people we should not go with him. So be friend with a person who is good at heart and behaves well rather than good looking person without the above mentioned qualities.
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    In my opinion, it is the virtue or quality of a person that makes him/her great/The first impression that we get about a person is by his/her look. If it is impressive, we easily form a good idea about that person in our mind.

    However, we can judge the person only when we get to know him/her closely. Then the look becomes obsolete and the quality comes into play its role.

    Therefore, we shouldn't be deceived by the look of a person alone. We should judge the qualities of the person well before forming any opinion.

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    Looks and virtues both matters for being successful. What is the use of a person with rich knowledge but shabbily dressed which invite comments from others. The other day I went to a discourse on religious matter held in Hyderabad. There was a interaction section after the main speech by the guest. One of the audience rose and asked a difficult question to which the guest was taken aback. The hall was silent. Then suddenly the supporter of the guest questioned the varsity of the person who asked the question and thus verbal dual taken place. Though the person was highly educated his dress made others to under estimate his caliber.
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