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    Humanity is Still Alive

    It was midnight. Anita, a little slum girl of nine was fast asleep when she heard a commotion outside. Startled, she woke up to to see what had happened. With her sleepy eyes, she could only see that many people were running here and there crying and shouting madly.

    Even before she could understand what the matter was, her father picked her up and ran outside. There was a fire in the slum and it was burning. Her father made her sit on the street and joined the others in extinguishing the fire.

    Little Anita was speechless and sat dumbstruck. Suddenly, she remembered the little puppy she had picked up from the street only yesterday. It was lying beside her and must have been stuck in the fire.

    She got up and ran towards her burning slum. Many people tried to stop her but she did not listen. When the people were moaning over her fate, she came out with the puppy. She had got burns at many places but there was no sign of pain; rather a victorious smile on her face.

    The incident shows that humanity has not died till date. What do you think?
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    Real. Humanity is still alive. The incident you have narrated shows that. But even though many people are very selfish and don't bother about the pains of other people, some will be there with always with humanity.
    Yesterday I have seen two blind persons standing on one side of the road. They have to cross the road and they have to go other side. Lot of traffic was there. The traffic police stopped the traffic for a while and he helped them in crossing over the road without any problem. It is a nice gesture on his part as he was not on duty there but he happened to go that way with another friend on a bike. He noticed them and helped them. A real human being should help the needy people and see that they will be out of trouble. So I feel always humanity will be there are on the earth as long as mankind is there but there may be a little difference in percentage.

    always confident

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    Oh! Such a nice presentation of the huministic approach by a tiny girl. She was not afraid of her life for saving her puppy.

    This narration aptly describe in bold letters that humanity still present in one form or other.

    In this selfish world where fights for money and power are being drawn and all humanistic considerations are forgotton the act of the girl is really an eye opener and praiseworthy.

    Knowledge is power.

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    Who says the humanity has died. It is there , but not visible to the sinners like us. Those who does humanitarian work does not advertise nor reveal to anyone. In Tamil there is a proverb that when you are going to do a good thing, it should not be known to your left hand too. That means donations, good work, humanitarian approach must be kept secret and the work must go on. But here in this story, the little girl could understand the importance of life of that puppy which was about to be killed in the raging fire in her slum and that great escape act from her saved puppy and she was elevated to a great humanitarian.
    K Mohan
    'Idhuvum Kadandhu Pogum "
    Even this challenging situation would ease

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    In this modern age everyone seeks for something positive. Your story completed the seek. Of course humanity is still alive, and can more be utilized if every single person would understand his/her own duty including me and you. Very good thread by the author.

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    So cute narration and heartening to read the crispy story of the author about the humanity. I don't find (even you) any speciality of possessing the quality of humanity in a small girl, Anita. As we all know and believe the children are the facsimile of godliness / divinity.

    Rather I find inhumanity in the write up that the crowd present on the spot should stop at any cost by not entering the burning hut. If something goes wrong, not only the puppy but the kid (Anita).... I am unable to think beyond..

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