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    Empty vessels make more sound. Do you agree?

    Many people say this proverb that is "Empty vessels make more sound". This proverb is used to describe people who talk more than what they know or understand.
    A person who is very well known in the subject of study and who have lot of knowledge in the subject will always try to talk politely and try to see that other people will understand his point of view without showing that he is a scholar in that subject and never be harsh on others.
    A person who is not very confident of his knowledge but wants to get recognised by all others as a genius in the subject will speak very loudly and harshly. He never bothers about the feelings of the other person. He never tries to make the other person to understand the issue.
    To refer these people's behaviour this proverb will be useful.
    Another proverb of similarly nature is that a leaf having full of food items will never fly and always will be on the ground. But an empty leaf will fly, fly and fall.
    Do you all agree with this?
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    I don't felt relevant. Nevertheless, I learned the proverb, "A little knowledge is very dangerous."

    In this modern generation not many people give importance to proverbs. I personally like the "Solomon Wisdom Proverbs" book which has thousands of proverbs with relevant stories.

    Hackers never learns but always wins!

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    This is the age old proverb which intensely teach us to learn the trade before speaking to some one else or advising some one. It is the fact that half knowledge is dangerous and that does not suit even in answering questions at the exams. Though we may get some marks out of gratitude from the paper correcting supervisors, but the fact remains that we have to learn a lot. But again learning everything by every one cannot be possible. People think that by just knowing to balance a two wheeler, they are fit to ride on the roads. But seldom they understand that without knowing the traffic moments, without having the idea of traffic sign boards and signals, it is not possible to ride on city roads and high ways. Those who wont follow this basic principles would meet with accidents and that is fatal even.
    K Mohan
    'Idhuvum Kadandhu Pogum "
    Even this challenging situation would ease

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    People having little knowledge will show off it in social gatherings or meetings but knowledgeable people will be calm and quiet till it is asked to them or their advice is solicited.

    You can distinguish between the two just after a short conversation.

    Knowledge is power.

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