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    Some people giving preference to pets and not their old parents ?

    I had been to one of my close friend to wish for the Rakhi festival and found that the people are more concerned about rearing and nurturing of pets in their house and not giving attention to the old people who are yearning to meet every one and have talks. Especially the younger generation are interested to play games and mingle with their like minded friends, but not having inclination to meet the old people in that home and seek their blessings. Remember those old people are ready with money to gift the children for the occasion.
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    Yes. It happens in many houses. The young generation always wants to spend time with their friends outside the house or spend time with the pets in the house. They spare more time for those activities. But when the old people in the house ask them to sit with them for some time and talk to them they don't show any inclination. The reason may be friends dance to your music if you have money with you and make you to feel that they are very good friends of you. Their true colour will be known when you go o your friends and wait for the to spend and when you don't spend from your pocket.
    Similarly the pets will also be good with you as you are feeding them regularly. But you are for getting that you are getting your feed from these elders only. Once the situation comes you have some expenditure and no money then you will understand how the elders are useful to you.
    It is our responsibility to spend some time with our elders who are the reasons for our well being.

    always confident

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    Let the old people on one side, many people with much care taking their pets but leaving their children on the road. One lady with much care hold the pet dog on the one hand and asking her five year old child to come with care. Many people keep their aged parents in the corridor but keeping the pet animals in the sofa set with pride.

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    How can you judge what goes on within a family, based on a few minutes, of your visit, to their home? You were with them as a guest, for a small part of the day. I find this so wrong - people judging others, based on what they think, is morally correct.

    Having old people at home does not mean that everyone has to spend all their free time, at home, with them. You may not know the concerns of your friend or what he is going through. Pets are known to be stress busters. Playing with them, being around them helps relieve stress.

    Why is it a problem if the younger generation wants to be with "like-minded friends"? They could be spending a lot of time with the grandparents – without your knowledge. Does money, (as a gift) really count? Next, It'll be said, the younger generation goes to the older people at home, for the money.

    It is best to let things be. Let people live their lives. We must comment and judge if we see real ill-treatment of the aged. Let's not make it a habit of coming on the forum, to dissect the behaviour of A FRIEND and his family. What does it say about us!

    "A love affair with knowledge will never end in heartbreak." -Michael Garrett Marino

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    Many peoples behaving like this. Actually caring pet more may be reason that its his hobby and not caring to parents that is bad things but if parent want to take care then instead of leaving all property they need to give half property and give half property after death.

    That document should be with advocate or can declare at the time of death. People are greedy if they will think some thing will get in future then they will take care.

    Santosh Kumar Singh
    (Sr. Microsoft Dynamics Axapta Technical,Mumbai)

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    It may be true that in some families old people are neglected and everyone is busy in something whether it is pets or friends or outing or socializing or WhatsApp or personal business.

    At the same time the question comes that how much time the old people want company and whether family members can afford that. In some societies the old people sit together for long hours and gossip and pass their time but everyone is not having that facility in their colonies.

    The problem of old people is everywhere - how to keep them engaged and how to attend them in a regular interval during the day.
    In some families the housewife is doing this great service of attending the old people but all the housewives may not agree for such a monotonous and boring work which even a paid nurse dislikes.

    Only the person who have real respect and gratitude for parents will do a full time care and attention of the old people.

    Knowledge is power.

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    Mr. Mohan, I have seen many of your posts directed towards the younger generation, criticizing them for one thing or the other. It is possible that your thinking may not match with them but it doesn't make them wrong. Children playing with their friends or like minded people, I don't know what's wrong in it . Everyone likes to have fun and seriously, you're trying to lure the younger generation by saying that you'll be given money; this shows how little you think of them. Moreover, you are writing this post just after a visit at a friend's house. Younger generation respect the older, they also spend time with them but it doesn't mean they will always be sitting with them listening to their stories. If you like sitting and talking to older people, sit and talk for hours but don't force your mentality upon others. Stop being so judgemental; you will have different opinions than the younger generation, just accept it and stop criticizing their every activity; do what makes you happy and let others do what makes them happy.
    Don't sweat the small stuff and it's all small stuff.

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    Not one isolated case, there are many cases where in the youngsters wont abide and hence my observation were in general.
    K Mohan
    'Idhuvum Kadandhu Pogum "
    Even this challenging situation would ease

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