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    What India achieved win against in Sri Lanka and West Indies series?

    If you are a fan of Indian Cricketer put your hand on your heart say Indian Cricket is degrading day by day as there are only gimmicks played by BCCI and ICC of touring the weakest countries in foreign soils i.e. none other than West Indies and Sri Lanka both nations are struggling in world cricket , beat strong teams like Australia, England, South Africa, New Zealand in Home soils to mask the loss against Pakistan in Champions Trophy is BCCI playing gimmicks to heal the wound of Champions trophy loss? There are 10 countries playing in World Cricket considering the infrastructure of their boards only 5 are in good position i.e. India, England, South Africa, New Zealand, Australia.Can India have a capability to win over these countries in their Soil?
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    I do not think it will be big achievement if India win against Srilanka and West-Indies but If India win final matches like previous final match lost against Pakistan than its big achievement.

    Kohli captaincy can be judge against Australia and England . Kohli did well but I still feel Dhoni is still a best captain.

    Santosh Kumar Singh
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    I don't think they can even win against South Africa and New Zealand in their home soils.
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    Again another thread from eternal cricket pessimist! Earlier he used to state that India won't win any test or series in foreign soil. Now, he has slightly changed his version. He has now expressed doubt whether India can win a series against England, South Africa, New Zealand and/or Australia.

    No comments to offer on this pessimistic thread.

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    Indian team under Kohli so far not faced any strong cricket team. It has lost in semifinals in limited our world cup.
    They are winning only against weak teams like west indies and sri lanka. It is not at all a proud moment to tell that we are in a winning spree. They have to face strong teams like Australia, England, South Africa and New zealand.
    Kohli as a captain has to prove himself. Lucky for him always some or other batsman is making runs. Still lot of play has to be seen to say him as a good or bad captain.
    BCCI is always playing politics and doing all sorts of gimmicks. The way in which they have changed the coach is very disgraceful. No body will appreciate this. Is it wrong to ask the players to practice before the match in the nets, India is spending crores of money towards the remuneration to these players. They should be on their toes tp perform always. But they take very lightly and not bother about practice.

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    #605338 Partha Kansabanik
    As Manjerakar also tweeted the same in his tweeter after my post in ISC.

    Wants are like horses as a rider we need to use the horse halter wisely in order to reach our desired destination safely-- Bhushan

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    Well cricket is the game of chance, luck and above all inclusive performance of every team member. A side would always win if we find all round performance. Even if one fails the teams gets demoralized.
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    Srilanka team is in improvement stage but India has now enough mature team with best batsman and bowler. You think Bhuvneswar kumar type bowler on bench so How India team is strong this time.

    This is good time for India so be happy.

    Santosh Kumar Singh
    (Sr. Microsoft Dynamics Axapta Technical,Mumbai)

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    I am not much worried about the current India's tour with SriLanka and West Indies and its drawbacks. Indian team has evolved in the recent times under the classic Leadership of Dhoni and Vibrancy under Kohli. Indian team is not planned with only these 2 countries, Australia and South Africa tour is around the corner. And we must accept behind all our Cricket spirit, there is a lot of business involved (I am not saying about Match fixing) it's about the earning money by drawing high spectators around the world, and that will happen only with the Asian countries compared to any other foreign countries. Practically speaking don't have much expectation beyond a level, it will disappoint you when you see the back end of this sports as a money earning business. As everyone in the world would know BCCI has the mojo compared with ICC, so they can do whatever they want. But as of now Indian Team are mixed with some variety of class, style, power and of course performance. So sit back and enjoy the game as a game. Nothing to lose and nothing to worry.
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    #606869. As Manjerakar also tweeted the same in his tweeter after my post in ISC. We hear these words vibrant, energetic so many times before they gone to tours of South Africa, England, Australia, New Zealand final result is known to all of us. Even Sourav also stated the same thing.To win against Sri Lanka, West Indies in their Home soil is not at all an achievement.Let's play against Bangladesh in Bangladesh we will see what will happen.
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    I don't agree with the author that Sri Lanka is a weak team and is easy to beat the team in any format of cricket. Right now, Sri Lanka is going under some change as there are many new blood with no or very few experience of international cricket.
    Also its not logical to doubt the potential of Indian cricket team. You can not judge the potential of a team by just one match. Its true that our home team lost against Pakistan in Champions Trophy but mind it that it lost in final and on the way, India beat many teams which were supposed to be one of the major contender of the trophy.
    Our Indian cricket has many players who are doing great in all the formats of cricket. We have Virat Kohli who is considered next Sachin by many but in my opinion he can even outshine him. We have Rohit Sharma the man with talent and class. Captain cool Mahendra Singh Dhoni. Other big names are Sikhar Dhawan, Yuvraj Singh, R. Ashwin, Bhuvneshwar Kumar, Mohammad Shami and many more.
    Even young bloods like Pandya, Jadhav, K.L Rahul are doing great. So, with so many talents I can say that yes, Indian team can definitely beat all the major team of the world in their home ground.

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    What are the teams they beat to reach the final in ICC champions trophy They beat Pakistan, South Africa, and Bangladesh(in Semi Finals)? They lost to Sri Lanka in pool games and finals they lost to Pakistan.See there are 8 major countries who play cricket out of the 8 countries four cricketing control boards are in doldrums One is Sri Lanka, West Indies, Zimbabwe, and Pakistan.The only strong Nations or cricketing boards in Cricket are India, South Africa, England, Australia. rest of the teams have so many issues with board and players.
    Wants are like horses as a rider we need to use the horse halter wisely in order to reach our desired destination safely-- Bhushan

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