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    Don't use repellent's

    Today I wish to say that mosquito repellents what we get in market are very harmful to our health. By inhaling regularly we lead to many lungs disorder's. This was told to me by my doctor when my son was too young. He used to have always nose blocked that to in Mangalore whether that's a coastal part where its too hot always. So when I asked doctor that why he is having that problem. That time he mentioned that don't use repellent. It is very harmful to us.
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    It is true. The formulation of mosquito repellants contain very harmful chemicals which will have many effects on our body system. It is not advisable to use those especially in the areas where children are there. What we have to do just apply the repellant. Don't put on the fan. See that no one is there in that room. Close the door for 30 minutes. After 30 minutes open the door and close the mat door and start fan. Come out of the room and don;t o for another 15 minutes inside the room. Then the effect of repellant will go and all mosquitoes will die and as you kept the mat door closed no mosquitoes will come inside. Best way is to use mosquito nets to the cot. There will absolutely no problem with these nets.
    Mosquito repellent if one inhales it will result in lungs disorders.

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    Not all mosquito repellent are harmful. There are neem based repellent which are natural and does no harm to the children or elders. Instead of repellents it is better to use mosquito shots which are easy and not harmful.
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    Even herbal repellents are harmful. Instead we use naturally at home. Sambrani dhoop cups is the best for mosquito's or as of now everywhere mosquito bat's are the best. I had checked out in net the natural way of repellent , the answer what I got, I tried but was not so effective as sambrani dhoop which my mother told me. It was just mix champor and neem oil and fill it in mosquito repellent bottle and use it by machine. But it was not so effective to me.

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