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    What are the reasons swine flue virus increasing day by day?

    What are the reasons swine flue virus increasing day by day but after Holi festiwal its hide automatically in India.

    My view is that on Holi due to lot of Holika dahan in India virus remove due to fire .
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    The climate plays an important factors in the growth of viruses. The climate of India now a days is moist as well as warm and this situation is the suitable condition for the growth of viruses. Hence this climate we can notice more cases of swine flue and other disease of viruses.
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    Swine flu cases are increasing nowadays. The reasons ma be:
    1. Unhygienic conditions prevailing in the surroundings. Various types of insects and bacteria will grow if the surroundings are not maintained tidy.
    2. This is rainy season. The moisture percentage in atmosphere will be hig. At the same time outside temperatures are high. High humidity with a little high temperature may be a good condition for this virus to grow.
    3.Sudden changes in the atmosphere, high heat for some time, rain for some time, again high temperature may also be a cause for this.

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    Previously the health department was having control over the swine flu menace and every state were advised to have control over spreading it. Now we are again hearing cases in many states and the health Ministry must again prevail upon to contain the virus.
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    I mostly hear it start from rainy season and end to winter season. Swine flu ration decrease in summer season. That is also need to think why its happening in winter and rainy season. We all need to do something to kill all viruses from environment.

    Havan may be one solution if most places havan start every month then viruses will be killed automatically by that environment.

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