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    What is hair chopping mystery and is it real?

    News items surface all over India regarding braid chopping mystery. Women are falling unconscious and on regaining consciousness, they are complaining that their braid was chopped off. Is hair chopping really happening or is it a psychological disorder?
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    Yes even I have seen news videos on this rare happenings.. Hair braid is the fashion statement of any woman and they keep on spending money to maintain good and long lustful hair. When they wont even agree even to go to salon and cut the hairs, then how come they allow some one to cut their hairs without their notice. By the way what he could gain from such harassment of women. In one of the Telugu film, the heroine takes revenge against the second heroine for her advances towards the hero and thus decided to cut her hair for which she was proud. We have seen such scenes in films but not in reality.
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    Is it really happening. By cutting braid of a lady what the advantage one is getting I don't understand. Generally ladies will give lot of importance to hair. They feel very happy if it is long and thick. So if they lose their hair they may feel bad and psychologically also they get distressed by knowing that their hair is lost. So somebody who is having some enmity with a particular lady might have done it to take the revenge. By seeing one the others may follow the suit. More than this I don't find any gain or advantage to the person who has done this.ofcourse there are factories who use this hair to take out a protein known ad cystine.
    I feel it is not good to do these kinds of acts which will unnecessarily create health problems to ladies. Police should find out these people and punish them heavily so that they will not repeat such actions.

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