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    Why old constructions are stronger than new constructions?

    As we see in Hyderabad Charminar and other old constructions like bridges haven't get damaged even after 400 plus years and there are many old constructions which are sustained long years but present buildings and constructions get collapsed with in less span of time.What is the difference between old constructions to new constructions?Is the fault in materials or Civil Engineers or with labor. Why are new constructions are getting collapsed with less span of time?Knowledgeable members, please respond to the question.
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    Good question posed by the author. In olden days the construction are undertaken with lime stone and Jaggery which makes the strong paste to withstand the vagaries of nature. Charminar was constructed on the same model and even today it is strong than other buildings in the country. Moreover there was no urgency on the part of KIngs and other rulers who want only classic and breath taking design buildings and for that time does not matter and the quality matters. That is the reason being so old building are stronger than new one. Now the new technology enables having blocks of varied size and connected to each other to form a bridge. In the same concept the Hyderabad Metro Rail project is being constructed and the work is going on fast and smooth without any accident or mishap so far.
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    I read in one newspaper that the temple towers contains some specific grains and the same is to be replaced every 12 years in the name of kumbabishekam. Who laid this system and which chartered engineer laid but only uneducated but learned people did all such actions. Before many decades King Raja Raja Chozhan constructed a huge temple in Thanjavur, Tamilnadu in which he placed a single round stone in huge size in the top of the temple that too in the period there was no lift or crane facilities.
    The main reason for such strong buildings total dedication, no adulteration in construction materials, moral fear which are totally lack in the present constructions. There is a saying in practice about telling the construction as 'my father constructed this house with involvement by seeing every brick'. But now many people constructs their own house itself without much care and handover to other people as if they have no time. Many intermediaries also misused their production items which are used for construction, they are seeing their purse rather than the stability of building. During the year 1636 a grand mahal was constructed in Madurai by then King Thirumalai Naick and later it was used as his Palace for administration. Still this Palace is there with worth seeing. Albert Victor Bridge in Madurai across the vaigai river constructed before 126 years back is still in use for transportation. These are all examples of their dedication and involvement and care.

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    Old constructions are constructed with very good construction material without compromising on ratios of ingredients irrespective of its cost. The people who were working used to feel proud for their work and never compromised on any aspect. People used to work months together to get perfection in their works. The person who is executing the work himself used to stop the work if he was not happy with the outcome. He used rectify the problem then only they used to go forward.
    But nowadays the construction activities are done so fast and enough curing time is also not given. They ratios of ingredients also changes as per the rate and convenience. Workers also want to complete the work as fast as possible and they never bother about quality.
    These are the reasons which comes to my mind for the difference in longevity of constructions.

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