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    Though ragging is banned and punishable, seniors do take on newbies with ragging type acts.

    Every college whether it is junior, degree, Engineering, Medical or even PG colleges, the first thing the management want to do is to sign the anti ragging affidavit by candidate and the parents. By doing so the Management want to convey and assure the parents that new students joining the college are rest assured from getting involved in ragging. But outside the college campus and in the hostel the ragging does takes place though not tough but a mild act to which every new student has to obey to be in the league of friends in the same college.
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    Ragging of juniors by seniors is coming down in the colleges because of the strong steps that are being taken by the college, police and state administration. But it can't be eradicated 100%. Day scholars generally will go to their houses after college hours and hence they may not have much effect of this ragging. But students staying in hostels has to face the music. After classes in the evenings these seniors will best utilise their time in giving tasks to their juniors. It is OK up to some extent. But going out of limits Is not acceptable.
    In our college days this ragging problem is only in professional colleges but not in other colleges. I studied B.SC and M.Sc in colleges. There was no ragging at all in those days in these colleges. But now I understand that it is there even in junior colleges. Too much is not advisable in any aspect. So this ragging also as long as with in the limits we can understand and it will be good to juniors also to get acquainted with seniors. But if it goes beyond limits no one should tolerate this.

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