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    Facts of life as an Indian citizen.

    We all keep complaining/gossiping among ourselves against the Government for the wrong activities going around here. But, practically, government does not consist of super-humans to get everything right. It is our responsibility also to get everything right about what we, as individuals, do. I personally want to notice an individual as such. Is he a true Indian?
    What do you think?
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    I think as a person of our country everyone is responsible for good and bad things happen for India. We all need to take care on every area like cleanliness , crime etc . If we see any crime then its our duty to inform police immediately but nowadays people mostly clip video instead of showing alertness.

    Govt can not do everything he may not be everywhere as its Govt. Not God.

    Santosh Kumar Singh
    (Sr. Microsoft Dynamics Axapta Technical,Mumbai)

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    As said by the author, Government can't do everything. Government can make rules. We have to follow, in their true spirit. As a citizen of this country we have some fundamental rights and at the same time we have some responsibilities also on us. We should take up our responsibilities and fulfill them. The people who are earning money can declare their correct income and pay tax on that. We are safe. Trying to avoid paying tax by showing some wrong calculations is not correct. But many people do that. Everybody bothers about the cleanliness of their house but not that of street. We should have that civic sense.
    Government prohibited smoking in public places. But nobody stops it. They don't bother about the fellow human beings. But it has become an order of the day to criticize the Government for everything happening as if they don't have any say in these issues.
    First be a good citizen and then talk about the misdeeds of others and Government.

    always confident

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    As the author mentioned we are citizen of India and its our responsible to take initiative to stop corruption or wrong going around us. But if its a single man work anybody can do it. But we need support for the surrounding people where they are also citizen of India. Now for example we have water problem for past 6 months in our lane. There is some political game going on around them. So when I met the water inspector he had told me that the new line is not connected to your line you have get a letter signed from all the residents. The same I had drafted a letter to MLA, Corporator and Executive Engineer and got signed from the layout residents. But after the sign nobody is bothered to come with me to office to handover the letter and follow the proceedings. When ever I ask anybody they just give silly reasons to escape i,e they want water but don't want to fight against it. This is the situation in our country every where. Moreover I am a tenant in this place and all the other residents are the owner's of their house. If everybody becomes responsible against their duties then we don't need any politicians to rule our country.

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    A good government with good governance and law abiding citizens is the dream of everyone and some countries have already achieved it. India is also looking up to that direction and only the coming time will tell whether we achieve this goal or not.

    It is very correct that even a good governance will fail miserably if it's citizens are not cooperative and do not comply with government directives.

    Knowledge is power.

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    Sometimes and many times government fail to keep the promise and we the people are duty bound to remind that promises made are to be adhered and fulfilled. Now a days every government department is easily accessible through e contacts and even social media. A small complaint against the department or even suggestion are read with and even responded. So a change can always be brought from the thinking side of government policy makers if good suggestions are put forth before it. But people feel that it is not their duty to respond and get targeted by the departments.
    K Mohan
    'Idhuvum Kadandhu Pogum "
    Even this challenging situation would ease

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