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    As a chewable item, please do not spit me in public places!

    As a Chewable item who have a habit of chewing like pan Parag, Ghutka, Man Pasanda, chewing gums or bubble gums as I provide lots of fun and taste when you chew me in your mouth.As I don't want to spoil others health and spoil the public places with your actions i.e spitting on roads, railways, public places.As many people scolding me because of your actions that are not at all good for my reputation and as well as your reputation as that is one of the reasons some states have banned me so my existence becomes a question mark in the near future.As my cover already have a warning for you chewing me is dangerous.So I don't need to caution again.
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    Many people have the habit of having chewing gum in their mouth always. They go to a shop and purchase a chewing gum. Open the packet and through packing paper near the shop and start chewing the chewing gum. They don't even bother to keep that paper in a nearby dustbin atleast. Simply they will throw it in the ground near the shop. The shop keeper also don't keep a dustbin there. Both of them are at fault.
    The person after chewing the item for sometime and just spit it on the floor where ever he is. He never bothers to put it in a dust bin somewhere near by. People walking on the road my step on that and that will just get pasted to their shoes are chappals. This will cause lot of inconvenience to the people. Here the person who is eating the item should have some civic sense.
    A good post by the author. Some people eat banana and throw the skin in the open. This is very dangerous. If any one by mistake steps on that he will skid. He may break his leg also. By seeing these actions sometimes I feel many of us don't feel the responsibility of keeping things properly.

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    Author has taken out a very good topic. Even I wish to say especially chewing gum will be stuck any where. Some times we don't see, and stamp or sit on it. It takes a hell of time remove. Even I think the people who chew chewing gum should throw it in a dustbin.

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    Though we can argue on one hand that chewing gums' usage got reduced, spitting of any kind in public place should always be avoided. One day when I was travelling in a bus,a person on my side spotted his mouthful pan on the road even by confirming that no person on the road,but without expectation a twowheeler came sudden and got bath.

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    Those who read this post must down their face with shame as they not only spoil the walls and floors in public places and also create unhealthy atmosphere by talking to others while having chew-able item inside their mouth. What I observed that people from North India are addicted to the pan masala and gutka culture than the people of South. In Hyderabad too the old city people which includes male and female having the habit of chewing the pan and defecating the public walls and floor. The GHMC has been imposing heavy fines those who spit on the floor or anywhere in the public places.
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