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    Is It a Good Practice?

    It is often seen that people compare their children with his/her friends and other children of their age. I know that they do so only to encourage them so that their children can also become as good as others and shine in life.

    But is it a good trend? Do they ever realise the psychological effect of such comparison on the young minds?

    All children are not equal and their talents differ. One may be brilliant in studies and another may be expert in sports or creativity. Then why such comparison? Shouldn't we allow every child to flourish in his/her own field and way? What do our learned members think?
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    It is not at all a good practice. If we say that somebody is better than you to a child, the child will get a inferiority complex and her thoughts will go in a different direction rather than concentrating on the task. No two living beings are equally. Not only physically but also mentally. Each individual will have his own strong areas and weak areas. So the parents should identify the field of interest in their child and see that he will excel in that particular field.

    But as mentioned by the other each individual will have talent in a particular field, Passing Intermediate with state first rank is not the only achievement in this world. There are so many other fields. Every one can't stood first always. This depends on the talent of the individual and his IQ levels and grasping power. So please don't have very high expectations about your children, please facilitate the convenience for them to perform to their best. At any point of time comparing our child with another child and expecting miracles from them is not a good practice.

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    I am also against those who compare their own child with others. Each one has their own talent and they cannot or pass remarks about progress or degrade some one against their own candidate. Children are more sensitive and they take such comparisons seriously and that will have lasting effect on their thinking ability. Moreover some are good at studies, some are good at sports, some are good at singing and some are good as all rounders, We cannot force one to follow the others. Let the children be their own judge and let them weigh their own ability and excel in the given fields.
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