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    A golden key can open any door.

    Today morning one of my friend came to my house. We met long back and hence we are trying to recollect over old common friends and finding out their whereabouts. All of a sudden my friend told me that one of our friend conducted his daughter's marriage in a very big way. Then he said of course " A Golden key can open any door". I asked him what is that. He says if you have money with you , anything can be done in this world. By paying money , he says, we can bring down the monkey from the hill top. Our common friend whom about we both are discussing is a businessman in our native place and in his business he earned a huge money. He has constructed a big palace in that village. So my friend says A golden key can open any door. It is quite nice to hear.

    I started thinking and I feel our brain also can be our golden key. If you have determination and commitment to do a certain thing, I think we can achieve it. Here our golden key is our brain. We have to use our golden key properly and plan the things you can achieve the difficult tasks also.
    So a wise man can do anything if he determines to do it. Of course A Golden key can open any door.
    Can you share your opinion on this.
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    What your friend suggested the golden key is nothing but exploring our potential to the maximum and getting benefited in present and long run. Many people wont know their potential and work under employed with less salary. But those who watch your performance and has the ability to understand your potential would definitely take you for the fresh employment and offer higher salary. You feel that you got the promotion and better offer. But actually your talent has been recognized and that would be put into the use now. Nevertheless those who are talented in one field or the other should not loose their hopes and aspirations..
    K Mohan
    'Idhuvum Kadandhu Pogum "
    Even this challenging situation would ease

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