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    No man can be an island.

    This is a phrase I read in internet. The meaning of this goes like this. No man in this universe can do every thing on his own. He can't do it by sitting alone. He should be a part of this society and everybody requires help from other people in some way or other. So we should be good with people and behave ourselves nicely in the society. A person who is having money can bring people to do work for him. He should have some people to do the work by taking money from him. So alone you can't do all. In telugu they say a silver plate also requires wall support to stand. So any person whatever wealth he have can't perform everything on his own. So he can't isolate himself by sitting in a self made island. He has to come out of the island and be a part of this big world.
    So always try to be good with people. At least we require four people or otherwise a van with a driver to carry our dead body to the burial ground.
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    If a person feels that he can do everything single handedly or in isolation without the help of other persons it is a false notion.

    In hindi there is a saying ' akela chana bhar nahin phor sakta ' which means a single person can not do a big job.

    We are nothing without our family, friends, colleagues and society.

    Knowledge is power.

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    Yes every one of us would reach the zenith of life ambition with able and firm support of others either directly or indirectly and no one can claim that he has or she has achieved success on his or her own. Those who become successful doctors , owe their success to the good institution through which they qualified, and the good faculty coupled with the interest of the student. Like wise those who become a good Engineer owes their success to parents, teachers and above all their luck to fetch a good job in a good company. So no one is in Island and every one is in main land.
    K Mohan
    'Idhuvum Kadandhu Pogum "
    Even this challenging situation would ease

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