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    Is it necessary to take drinks in parties?

    Sometimes we are invited in a party and if there is arrangement of drinks, which many well to do hosts invariably arrange, we are asked whether we drink or not. The answer in 'no' is taken as a surprise and sometimes followed by some more questions and exclaimation.

    Some people feel that drinking in parties is a sign of being modern and fashionable. Some even say it is a party adequate. People justify it one way or other.

    What do you feel about it. What is your opinion on this?
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    No, it is not necessary to take drinks at a party. I assume you are referring to the alcoholic kind. Nobody should be obliged to consume an alcoholic drink merely because it is served at the party or because most of the guests are having them. Generally, guests at a party are known people and a thoughtful host will likely arrange to have non-alcoholic beverages served as well.

    I do not think that drinking is considered as such to be modern or fashionable. It is simply part of a way of life at parties or other celebratory events of some people, much the same way as it may be considered the norm to serve only tea or coffee or other kinds of beverages by other people at their parties. For example, my friends may have a fine wine served at a birthday party in their home while I will serve juices and soft drinks at any get-together hosted by me. People don't need to justify their lifestyle to others or bother about others being judgemental. Let everyone party & celebrate the way they want to.

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    No, it is not necessary to take drinks. However, to avoid feeling odd in a party where most of the people are drinking, you can hold a glass of soft drinks. You may also hold a glass of hard drinks but it is not necessary to take the drinks.
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    No. It is not necessary to drink hot beverages in parties. Parties are hosted for a group of people. Generally the host will be knowing all his guests and accordingly he will arrange different types of drinks, some soft drinks, some hot drinks, coffee, tea so on and so forth. It is individual's choice to have which drink.
    But nowadays it has become a fashion to take alcohol in the guise of parties and get togethers. Some friend tries to make the people who are not interested also to have a drink. It is more so in corporate world. To have business talks and relationships many people will be visiting these corporates. Basing on the importance of the client these people host parties and invite all senior people ofthe business. If anyone of them is not interested in drinking the alcohol, the other people will try to pressurise and even they go up to an extent as if drinking is a must in these days to excel in your business or profession.
    What items to be served is the prerogative of the host and what to eat and drink is the wish of the guest.

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    Normally we are forced to follow western culture and vehemently ignoring our own culture. I read once our Prime Minister Modi Ji was taken to an Indian hotel Komala vilas in Singapore by Singapore Prime MInister as a guest. All other countries are following our Indian culture but we?

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    It is always a matter of personal preference. If drinks are being served at a party, one may take hard drinks since he enjoys to gulp down a few pegs before food and for those who are teetotalers, soft drinks will surely be served. It is something like having vegetarian as well as non-vegetarian dishes for being served to the guests. So, enjoy the party in whatever way one likes because that is the main aim of any get-together. I don't think anyone will try to force his preference on another during such functions.
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    Well what I feel that drink parties are arranged by the host only for the select few and not every one attend the party would be invited for booze. I have invariably seen that those who are regulars to the host and those who have close rapport and also have drinks with host in the past are added to the list and they are looked after specially and separately. In one of my friends marriage celebrations, there was special booze party for the few and they gave invitation to me too and they know I am a non drinker. Still people would invite for the sake of prestige and position in the society. I am against that culture.
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    If you are a teetotaller by reasons of family traditions, habit and conviction, then you need not take the alcoholic drinks. You need not feel embarrassed also. But you can very politely and frankly say your personal choice of accepting or not accepting. If it is brought to you , you can say no, thanks.
    Friendship, hospitality,camaraderie and affection and celebration will not be affected by not taking alcoholic drinks. The hosts usually keep some realistic choices and alternatives. You can chose the alternative if available and suitable to you.

    However you should exercise your choice with firmness and conviction. There should not be any half-hearted mumbling. That will be taken as 'half willing' and there may be some peer pressures.

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    People out of India drink alcohol regularly and they offer the finest drinks in parties. Now parties were brought into India by foreigners apparently.
    It also depends on the type of party you visit. Guess who drinks a lot ? Some business tycoon or a teenager. Tycoon it is because business relations strengthens with the amount of parties you visit and generally all of them drink.
    But most parties arrange a substitute for wine.
    Fruit juice or other mild drinks.

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    I don't think so. Generally it would be the feeling of the non-alcoholic participants in the gatherings that they are looking odd and feeling embarrassed to be present there. I have personally observed that those regulars who take alcohol in parties know their limits and stay cool. There may be some questions for not consuming even slighter dose, if we don't take but nobody would pressurize you. Soft drinks will have their place too in the party and you can give company to others with the food stuff. I am a regular goer to such parties but never found any problem for not drinking!

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    Actually I did not attend such kind of party yet but If I will get chance then its not necessary to drink you can take soft drink link cold drink , fruit juice and water to mix with friends.

    Its totally depends upon your decision what you wan t if you want then no one can stop you to drink.

    Santosh Kumar Singh
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    No, it is not necessary to drink in parties. I agree with author that some people think that it is necessary to drink in parties to look modern. I always to go parties with friends. Some of my friends have habit to take drink but I never try for the same and my friend never insist me to do so.
    So always avoid such habits which are bad for community and your health.

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    If a person is weak and feeble minded he may come under the influence of the friends and society to take drinks in a party. The people who are firm in their beliefs and thinking will never take drinks just because it is fashionable to do so.
    So I think one can enjoy the party very well without drinking.

    Thoughts exchanged is knowledge gained.

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