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    Women force in another angle

    We are all talking discussing criticising about feminism. But nobody knows the real power of women and for their willingness,capacity and perseverance,our Indians worshiping them as superior. Many of know women are in many fields but some only know this type of job also they undertook. In a village called Palli puram of Kerala state a lady named Baby is doing caretaking work in graveyard attached to Panjuppalli church cemetery.

    Similarly,I know personally,an old brahmin lady took up the profession of arranging (totally)death funeral works,by her own at Thiruvarur,near Tanjore in Tamilnadu
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    These days there are no works which can't be done by ladies. They can do all equal or more better than males. There are lady drivers,lady conductors, lady pilots,lady astronauts, and last train drivers also. They are competing with men. In all fields. Many areas they are over taking men.
    Earlier days ladies used to be in houses by evening . These days even midnight we are finding ladies on roads.
    Ladies are occupying very important posts in both managerial as well as technical professions. They are becoming good entrepreneurs . Name any profession, there are females as front runners.
    In our native village, there is a temple in which a lady priest will perform all sevas and poojas to God.
    In fact now government should think seriously about the 30% reservation issue to ladies. Is it really required? Another issue government has to think is equal work equal pay to all genders.

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    I was awe struck on reading this sharing by the author. Some women are daring and they can do any work to achieve their life ambition. Just now I was coming from the Introduction day of my daughter into MBBS first year and on interacting with one student, I was really taken back when he revealed that he lost his father and his mother who is doing maid servant job at various house could able to give him the good education and today the boy has joined the MBBS course first year and in another five years he would wipe out the tears of his mother. I would like to see that happiness face in his mother.
    K Mohan
    'Idhuvum Kadandhu Pogum "
    Even this challenging situation would ease

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