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    Is everybody following the instructions, rules and regulations of threads?

    It is a genuine request to the Managing Editor, Vandana.
    There are certain rules and regulations to be followed by the members while posting the threads. If they are not following the threads may be rejected or locked. Similarly from time to time you are advising the members to follow certain things. But I think even if some members are not following those instructions, nobody is reminding them the deviation or taking any action. I don't understand the reasons for this.
    Recently through a thread you have advised all the members to address other members when they are postings replies to the threads using full name as shown in the site. For example my name is shown as Dr.N.V. Srinivasa Rao. So when anybody wants to address me they should address as Dr.N.V.Srinivasa Rao or alternatively they can say the author.

    But recently I am observing many members addressing other members as they like. Is it not a violation, I fail to understand the same. Why this point is not highlighted by any of the seniors of the site.
    As far as I am concerned I never bother about that. But there are people who gives importance to that.
    It is not to find fault with anybody. This is only my request to know the reasons for not reacting to these violations.
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    It is really a genuine and relevant issue. Only some days ago, there was bitter and acrimonious debate in Forum section in this regard. If the same problem still occurs, then again such squabbling would start. So, the Members must restrain themselves.

    Personally speaking, if I make any mistake in this regard, I request the concerned Member to point it out to me, so that I can rectify myself.

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    I think the communication has been misunderstood. What I understand and I think my understanding is correct, is that any one name or a combination of names from an individual's full name can be used.

    The communication did not imply that members address each other by the names that appear in their profile. The restriction is towards shortening of member's names, giving them nicknames. What I make of the communication is that there is no restriction from the management against using only the first, middle or last names, for addressing members.

    For instance, the author Dr N. V Srinivasa Rao can be addressed as Srinivasa Rao, or Rao or Srinivasa. The name cannot or should not be shortened to Srini.

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    Let me start by talking in general terms.

    Life cannot be lived in a copybook style. However we need rules and regulations to have maximum uniformity and to protect and safeguard the weak and vulnerable also. Rules and regulations should not be vague or ambiguous. To be strictly complied they should be simple and easy to be compiled. When something followed hitherto is restricted, the alternative given should also be convenient to followed properly. If the alternative is not convenient and creates more difficulty and harassment, then that restriction will sure be rejected and violated.

    It is an ideal situation that everyone lives according to rules. But practically this is not happening. Here and there will be some aberrations and violations. Sometimes the rules breakers do not get caught and even if caught go with very less punishment. When the breakers are more than the followers, the rule gets amended. The violations and aberrations become new rules. So rules and restrictions also are dynamic and subject to review. In that sometimes the old 'right' becomes new 'wrong' and old 'wrong' may become 'new right'.

    When a dispute arises the law enforcers are bound to strictly enforce the existing rules. When the rule itself is disputed, the arbiters bring out clarifications and justifying explanations.

    In the matter of indirect reference in the thread, similar was the situation. The arbitrators and interpreters in this case (ISC establishment) clarified and enforced the rule. It may be strictly followed by many. It may be found impractical by some and hence not strictly complied. As far as there is no fresh dispute and the recipient or addressee does not mind it as offence, there may not be any strictures of punishment.

    Even for any legal redress there is some initial notice and notice period. Partha Kansabanik(#605473) sounds practical when he requests ' the concerned Member to point it out .... so that.." the mistake can be rectified.

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    Now after the new rule has been made, I am invariably referring the name as the author instead of name as some times the names are big and there are every chance of making spelling mistakes.
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    I request all the authors to read the original message of Vandana and react. It will be a better option. I will also get clarity on the matter.
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    Dr.N.V. Srinivasa Rao,

    The instruction was "We want you to address members exactly as their name appears in their posts. Do not shorten names in any manner whatsoever." Please understand the context - The main purpose for the communication is to avoid shortening of names in inappropriate or bizarre ways.

    There is a simple, amicable solution to the issue if you feel a member should address you with the entire name as "Dr.N.V. Srinivasa Rao" and you do not wish to be addressed as "Dr. Rao" or "Rao" - take up the suggestion made by Partha please. Just send a message to the member and make a polite request to him/her to either use the full name or not use any name at all.

    Regarding other aspects of your thread - I also feel it is fine to say "The author" only if we say, for example, "The author of this thread". It makes no sense to refer to somebody as 'The author' when there are multiple responses and one has to check out to which response's author you are referring to. Instead, you can simply say, if not using the member's name, 'With reference to response #____". Here, too, do not just put "#_______" - We had a discussion where it was not considered appropriate to address a member by a number and, instead, use the name or just leave it, not putting anything at all.

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    I don't think calling someone by only first name is violation of any rules in the world. Unless the particular person has some issue not to call by first name. Here. at ISC we are used to call it by first name so I don't think it is a big issue. Issue comes when you shorten the name just to mockery someone.

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    Whether it is full name or part of the full name does not make much difference.
    Only thing is name should not be distorted. For example Ram Nath Jain can be referred as Mr Jain or Mr Ram or simply Ram or Jain. I do not see anything strange in that.
    If a member has some reservation in this regard he can very well correct the other person so that in future he refers him in the desired way.
    These are small things but sometimes people are hurt so we should take utmost care in referring names in the posts.

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    Even Shakespeare has said, "What's in a name! If you call a rose by any other name it would have the same fragrance." While addressing a person, we can use his/her full name or a part of it. The only thing to be ensured, as some authors have rightly said, that it should not be used intentionally to make any mockery of that person.
    Actually, there should not be any hard and fast rule regarding using a name unless it hurts the sentiment of the person concerned.
    In that case also, the addressee should send a personal message to the caller intimating his/her feelings. And I am sure, nobody would like to hut the feelings of others purposefully.,

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    I have very clearly mentioned in my thread that I don't mind people calling me the way in which they feel convenient.
    It is not a personal issue. This point is made very clear in my thread. As mentioned by Nomita Mitra, a rose is a rose even though you call it by a different name and as far as rose is concerned it is not loosing its value.
    Now the advise given is anybody felt unhappy with the way he/she was addressed can send a mail to the member who addressed in a different way. It is good but the Editors might have given the same advice at the time of raising that thread regarding the addressing of other members.
    Any how I don't want to continue this thread and leave it here.

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