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    Do flexible people are more popular?

    There are some people who are very flexible and accommodating with the fellow beings in the society. These people are very popular and are respected by their friends and relatives. When they join a gathering everyone looks up to them and enjoy their company. Their absence is felt by the people and they feel they are missing someone important.
    On the other hand there are people who are very rigid and rude in their behaviour. They will seldom be polite in their dealings with others and believe that 'it is either my way or highway'. These people are respected by a few due to fear factor only.
    What is your opinion about this?
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    Yes, I agree that flexible people are always popular and respected in society and people like to join their company. Flexibility is an important factor of nature. We should always try to be flexible in almost every matter of life. Flexible people are more likely to solve their problems. They are always calm. So be flexible in life to get success.
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    It is correct that flexible people are more popular. Why? They accommodate the mistakes of others and don't keep them in their mind. So people love them and like them. People like to spend some time with them . But some people take it as a leniency and try to misuse the good nature of the person. That should not be tolerated.
    Be flexible in life at the same time don't allow others to over ride on you because you are flexible. In the office's some people are very flexible nature. They will complete their work and try to help others. But some extra clever people try to take this as a lenience and burden the person with his work also. A flexible person should be careful with such kind of people always.
    But as far as profession in private Organisations is concerned strict and rigid people will be liked by the management.

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    It is always welcome to be flexible and inclusive. However the flexibility should be within the boundaries of permitted rules and laws and also should not cause harm to anyone. As said by the previous respondent( post no.605529), flexibility should not be exploited by the over-smart. A mature, knowledgeable ,experienced person will know how to be flexible and inclusive without breaking the discipline and laid down rules, but by making every one in a win-win situation. That is what is preferred and liked. There are many like that by nature, and many by learning and sincerely choosing to be so .

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    Yes flexible peoples are more popular and liked by others. Why because each one of them thinks that those flexible person are their real admirers and they strive to have good rapport with them. Those people have the knack to behave with all by knowing their one or two weakness and thus the relation gets more closer and the boding would be perfect without any fracture. Moreover a flexible person has the broad minded attitude and cannot be bowed down by cheap gimmicks of his dis-tractors and hence in the eyes of all his followers he stands tall and liked the most on daily basis.
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    It is true that flexible and accommodating people are more accepted as well as more respected in the society.

    The only problem comes in deciding to what extent one has to accommodate and adjust with the other person. What is the limit of tolerance and what is the breaking point. If these things can be managed one can be like that temperament.

    No doubt tolerant and well behaved people exist in this world but statistically their number will be limited. Most of the people are not flexible and not accommodating. That is the truth.

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    What does Flexible mean here? Being flexible is always good but it can not be one sided. One will keep hurting you with their own power and you be a flexible just because to show your self discipline, matured, knowledgeable and experience is just not justifiable. Everyone have their own temperament and attitude and one can not say if one is not flexible he/she is not matured, knowledgeable or experience. The problem is everyone think from their own mind and think other too behave like him/her. When we will stop judging people like this?

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