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    Don’t We Really Have Time to Call Our Own?

    Life is so busy these days! Everybody is busy doing something or the other. Some are engaged in 10 to 5 office job, some others teaching in schools or colleges and some are solely absorbed in their own businesses. Then there are the students, busy with their studies, school/college projects or preparing for the home or competitive examinations.Virtually, there is no time to call one's own.

    If ever someone asks anybody about life, the most common reply is 'I'm so busy! There's no time even to think of myself.' But is it really true? Can't we really take out some time even for ourselves?

    If we try to analyse our daily routine we will easily find that we spend a lot of time in futile tasks like gossiping on useless matters, unnecessary poking our nose in others' affairs and so on.

    If we are really busy, even then we can make efforts to take some time out for ourselves . It would be a great relaxation from hectic lifestyle and would surely give us some tension free moments in life. What do you think?
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    Everybody wants to run after money. They want to earn as much as possible. A person having 1000 crores will be busy in thinking how to make this thousand to 2000 crores.
    A person who is not having food for the day will be busy in trying to get his food.
    So everybody is very busy only.
    There is no time to spend with family. No time to spend on self. This is all what we have created only. Otherwise if you are very content with your requirements you will have lot of free time to spend on you or spend as per your liking.
    A government teacher earning 50,000/- rupees a month in a village don't want to stay in that village. He will stay in the nearest city and travel daily to his work place. Instead if he stays near the school, how much time he can save.
    The question of available or not available depends on your lifestyle and needs.

    always confident

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    The good old proverb ' Work while you work, play while you play' has to be properly understood and implemented in our lives. If we are able to concentrate and focus on our tasks, then we can avoid wasting precious time. Such saved time can be used for various other tasks which can make our life happy and relaxed.

    I was practicing a sort of 'work while you play also, and play while you work' also. Even while preparing office notes or replying to head office and working on computer, I was able to scribble a couplet or a hilarious line and place it on my colleagues table. I was able to answer a query in a tune and happy mood. This method was followed by many of my colleagues also. The talented ones used to reply or add rejoinders to my verse or one liner and we all started to enjoy our work without the exaggerated tension.

    I got this habit of 'silly-fying' the tension from one of my superiors in my first job. Once when a problem developed during the process operation the boss came to the indicator and was openly humming in a musical tone 'Kya hua...". That was the time when the Hindi film song " Kya hua tera vaada..' was popular. The reaction of my boss instantly brought a relaxed feeling to all of us, and we could find the problem and rectify it.

    Each one can develop some way to take out the punch from the tension and become relaxed also.One should know the priorities and arrange things accordingly. There will be times when family had to be given priority, and times when work has to be given priority. Bu it will be better if we can pre-plan and allot time for each task and not exceed the given time for that task as far as possible.

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    What I agree from my own experience that those who have their niche of managing time and could able to cater to the needs of his own and others is the best person no matter he is rich or poor. Money does not matter for the person who does not know time management. I have seen some people leaving the work and attending to their own personal issues first. On the contrary I have also seen some people not bothering personal work and for them work is the worship. But what I advise all that we must know the priorities in life first and give the timing according to the need arose and thus surge ahead.
    K Mohan
    'Idhuvum Kadandhu Pogum "
    Even this challenging situation would ease

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    Your answer is a fine example of mixing work with pleasure. It can be a real eye-opener for many of us who always grumble saying that we are over-burdened and have no time to do anything.

    Every day is a new day for learning something new.

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