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    Do you think US and North Korea war will start soon?

    do you think US and North Korea war will start soon? If it will happen then what effects will be on India.

    I think this time India and China war should not happen. It can be dangerous for both country.
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    It appears as if the war is inevitable. But till it starts we can't predict anyway. UNO should interfere and see that the war will be avoided and a meaningful and acceptable understanding will come.
    War is not good for the world. Already many countries are suffering from economical conditions. If war comes they will deteriorate further. So it is not at all advisable. Indian economy may also have a set back if really a war comes between those two countries.
    As far as India and China is concerned, both of them are not in a position to go for a war. China is now more dependent its sales in India. If war comes between these two countries imports from China will stop and that will have a major effect on China's economy. So they will not go for any war. India is always a peace loving country. So they will not initiate any war.

    always confident

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    War is not at all welcome. The human society should do everything to avoid war. War can only bring destruction. It may serve to satisfy the egos of megalomaniacs for some time. But the after effects of war will be much beyond imagination also.

    War can effect damage even beyond the territorial limits of the involved countries.

    I would like to recall what our former Prime Minister, late Smt.Indira Gandhi said: ' Do not shed blood, shed hatred'.

    Those (ordinary citizen like us) who cannot be directly involved in the efforts to prevent war can at least pray for peace and not war. We can at least write in social media and blogs etc and speak wherever we can about peace and love and against war.

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    There seems to be war of words between North Korea and US and it has reached to the ultimate phase now. For North Korea it has become the prestige issue to teach US the lesson and for the US it has become a compulsion to contain NK which is going over board with new nuke technology. If the war starts, it will have cascading effect across the world and India should also be prepared to have a face off with the neighbors.. Though every one in the world hates war for its worst effect, but those who are at the helm of affairs wont bother about public opinion and they shall follow their own conscience.
    K Mohan
    'Idhuvum Kadandhu Pogum "
    Even this challenging situation would ease

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    War by no means is the ultimate solution to resolve the issues. A little patience from either of the side would naturally would dilute the aggressive posture thereby delaying the initiation of the war. However, it appears that both North Korea and US have taken a very aggressive posture and there does not appear any chance for their reconciliation. Such stand would amount to colossal loss of man - power and the the economy too would detoriate . The immediate loss in terms of economy is perceptible but with the progress of the time its intensity would be felt. Moreover, there would not be substitute for Human - health which might affect them due to pollution of the atmosphere. It would be a rational approach for the entire sensible countries to diffuse the situation by having a series of meeting between the two countries so as to avert the possibility of war between the two countries.
    So far the question of war between China and India is concerned, it appears a remote situation since China would not want a slump in its economy by not allowing its export trade already existing between the two countries.

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    I have been following various newspapers and periodicals (both online and offline). There is absolutely no possibility of war between the USA and North Korea. The experts of International Relations know very well that North Korea has been threatening to nuke the USA for the last twenty years, but the international community takes this threat with a pinch of salt. Further, the third big player in the region, i.e. China also doesn't want war in this region. North Korea can't act against the wishes of China.

    Of late, I have been observing questions on possibilities of war between India and China, India and Pakistan, the USA and North Korea, the USA and China and between North Korea and South Korea. In another website, I have been continuously replying this type of questions for last one month. For all people, I would like to state that for every country, war is the last resort. Moreover, according to the theory of International Relations, war signifies failure of diplomacy. As the diplomacy has not yet failed between any of the above countries, the possibility of war is almost nil. However, there will always be threat of war (by immature countries).

    We should not unduly worry in this regard.

    Beware! I question everything and everybody.

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    What is war according to you? Is it clash of infantries ? Or is it assaults by rivals?
    According to me North Korea and USA are already at war. War is a phenomenon where the rivals try to dismantle each other.
    USA did a great job in unveiling North Korean autocracies on it's citizens. It's 21st century.
    Atomic bomb isn't the most lethal weapon in our arsenal. It's the media and internet. I don't think there will ever be a full scale war again.
    UN would stop it right away. Disarmament treaty was also signed by many governments as a precaution. It's the media war now.
    I'm talking about cyber war. USA might try and hack into north Korean government and reveal their dirtiest secret and the same can be done by north Korea.
    I think this is the direction the "war" will go in.

    The stronger a light shines the darker are the shadows around it.

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    By the way what for United Nations has been established. Is that not the responsibility of the UN should intervene right now and prevent the countries at loggerheads to mend their ways and be peaceful. I have been observing UN role to be police act in Hindi films where in they come in last scene to arrest the culprit. What is the use of such International organization which wont assert its rights at the ripe time. One thing is sure, whether the war would be initiated intentionally or might be started to see how the weapons and new nuke war head would work, it is going to create commotion across the world.
    K Mohan
    'Idhuvum Kadandhu Pogum "
    Even this challenging situation would ease

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    Its true no one like war but the main question is why the war like situation comes? We talk like a saint in open forum as if we are the only one pure and honest ignoring the main base on it. But the fact is a WAR is essential to kill demons and bring peace. Its also true that there would be so much damages which may be beyond our thinking but to create new world WAR is absolutely needed.

    Its the fact, whenever something will become unbearable to nature, the nature will become destructive. Indirectly, it may look like North Korea vs US or India Vs China but it all will happen because the nature needed this to recreate herself.

    A war is only happen when one wants to show his/her power to others and try to insult them, we should not ignore this fact.

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