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    What does India really need: Bullet train or Better trains?

    A bullet train is a high speed rail which operates at a speed higher than the normal trains. The maximum operating speed of a bullet train is 320 km/hr. The bullet trains are operating at many countries like Japan, South Korea, Russia, China, the United Kingdom, Germany, France, Italy, USA, Spain, Sweden, etc. In India the foundation for the first bullet train in between Mumbai and Ahmedabad is expected to lay by Narendra Modi along with Japanese Prime Minister Shinzo Abe on September 2017. A bullet train has a lot of advantages but does a country like India really need Bullet train?

    In India, the Indian Railway System is already operating a lot of suburban and long distance trains all over the country and many passengers are traveling by trains frequently. Apart from the wide operations of Indian railways, we also know the present condition of the railway services in India. Do Indian railways provide a satisfactory travel experience to the passengers? A lot of issues such as poor maintenance of trains and stations, lesser connectivity, non- availability of coaches, lesser availability of trains, improper time management, poor sub-urban services, safety and security issues, etc. are being reported by the passengers regularly. India is the only country which passes railway budget but still the condition of Indian Railways and its services are poor to some extent. Apart from its regular train service, India also has faced many rail accidents and derailment because of poor railway tracks and a lack of safety measures. In most parts of the country, the trains are running on the old tracks laid by the British.

    Is it wise to bring new technology or improve the present system? What does India really need: bullet train or better trains?

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    Any country needs both. Indian railway is one of the biggest Organisation s in the world. If you imagine a situation that all trains are stopped all over the country, the sufferings of the passengers can't be described. So it should be always running also. Even though running Indian railway is very difficult somehow the organisation is going on.
    Lot of changes are required to make the system better. But over a period of time there is good improvement in the services. Atleast efforts are being made by the concerned officers to improve the services. Sp improving the railway services is very important.
    At the same time fast trains are also required. Many other countries are running bullet trains successfully. Indian Railways can also try that. Whatever problems we are encountering in normal trains will be avoided in these train. They will maintain them nicely, no delay, good food and good comforts. So people who want these things may not feel bad to pay a little more. So by introducing these trains if Railways are able to satisfy some passengers it will be a good achievement. So let us encourage introduction of bullet trains.

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    Very good attractive post raised by the author. Indians wants train with accommodation. Passengers wants trains to run in time and never be late. Every user of the train must feel the security while travelling and also be assured that he reaches the destination safely and in time. Cleanliness, comfort and little luxury while travelling is what every passenger is expecting. In garb of bullet train, no passenger wants to put his life in danger. Why because our new rails are not laid nor fit to accept the fast moving speeds of bullet train and we cannot think of even one accident through bullet train. So Railway Minister must think on my suggestions.
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    I am of the opinion that we do not need bullet trains but need to improve the already existing infrastructure. We should utilize the amount that has been set aside for the bullet train to develop our present railway network to a world class level. Indian Railway is said to be the largest railway network in the world and our commuters and their requirements are far different from others. We have improved a lot but there still are areas which require lot of improvement. So instead of trying to compete with other countries, it would be better if we concentrate on our railways as of now and take steps to develop the areas like sanitation etc so that passengers can have a better and safer journey. Let us not be the one who wants to own a car just because his neighbor owns one.
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    I believe if we get bullet train in our country it will obviously be a better train, If we let this change to happen without being skeptical about it this change will further cause more changes in a good way.
    For e.g. - When Metro was introduced in our country at that time also people have same skepticism and question whether we require better train or metro train. But we all know metro is a better train and has become life line of big cities in our country.
    In a similar way Bullet train will also prove an asset for a country because it is already a better train and for its advent platform will also be made better and railway stations also. I think we should welcome this step wholeheartedly. But we should also keep in mind that their are still many states in India which still do not have proper railway connectivity and consider those states first for this new train to come.

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