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    Do you think all soft speaking people are good.

    In our life we will be coming across many people. Some people talks very soft and friendly and some talks very loud and straightforward. Generally the people who speak very soft are supposed to be very good person and who shouts are bad persons.
    But 100% it may not be correct. I had a distant relative who talks very soft and friendly. But I heard that he has beaten his parents as they have shared some of their money to the needy people. When I heard this I couldn't believe it. So what we hear and what we see may not be the real personality of the person. We will know their real attitude when such situation arises. For the sake of some money if somebody is troubling his parents, we can't treat him as good person even though he is good with all people and very soft spoken.
    If somebody has done a mistake some people shouts and they will forget about that once for all. But some people just don't say anything and slightly say be careful. But they keep it in their mind and when a chance comes they will penalise him heavily.
    I always say who are very soft spoken and good with you may not be that good all the times with all.
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    That is correct , even I agree with your thought Dr. Srinivasa. It is not necessary that people who are speaking soft and have a sweet voice will always have a good behaviour. It depends upon the nature and also the reaction of the person. As per my experience I have seen people those who speak soft but have dual attitude, they will say something at your face and something else at your back and will play political games with you. While there are also some people who speak soft and are actually good at heart. But this is not the case every time, Different people have different way of approaching other people.
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    For that matter we cannot believe every one at every time. There are people who seems to behave softly in front of relatives and friends, but in reality they behave strangely. In this regard I remember one scene from a Tamil movie where in comedian Vadivelu treats his father and mother with due respect when he was ordinary person. As the evening unfolds and he goes for the drinks, his real personality comes out and he literally beats his parents black and blue in front of others. That is why we cannot go by the looks of the person and we have to behave for one or two days to know the person fully well.
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