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    Partly friends and partly enemies!

    Do you predict who are these fellows! let me reveal it here different Political party members are partly enemies with respect to a political party line and outside there are very good friends. Different countries cricketers when they play for their country they are enemies but outside they are very good friends.Is any category missing in this partly friend and partly enemies.Knowledgeable members, please respond to the question.
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    What I would summarize the observation of the author that need is the criteria here and every body changes their stance visa viz the position they take in their own country or outside. When we see the politicians at loggerhead during discussion on electronic media they talk and chide each other as if they are permanent enemy to the core. But when we see them together in social function they behave in such a way that they are Jigiri dost. Likewise cricketers are also have the compulsion to be strict in the home ground and place and be liberal in other countries as they have to please their fans.
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    Actually the thought of this type is arises in the minds of us, I believe, because of present television serials and cinemas. Present many serials depicting the friends are doing some cunning activities against him with the opposite group by forgetting the real value friendship. Similarly the relatives themselves doing cunning activities in television serials like kidnapping the children, stealing documents etc., are depicted well so, we people also start thinking in such way. No real friend or relative will go negatively on any occasion.

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