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    What are the sc_security value and sc_project value in StatCounter?

    StatCounter is a Traffic reports, page view counter and AdSense click monitoring tool. In ISC statCounter to view the traffic statistics to your content pages and analyze various patters to further optimize your content to improve the traffic to your pages. StatCounter is a third party solution where you can create an account with them and generate some scripts to use in your sites to monitor site traffic. Using StatCounter in our site is slightly different from their normal process. In the code there is var sc_project = 00000000 and var sc_security = "xxxxxxx". What are the sc_security value and sc_project value in StatCounter?
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    I have requested somebody from our editorial team who is knowledgeable about it to answer your query.

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    They are nothing but associating / mapping account's individual code to identify between the Statcounter and the Website or Blog to work, record and results the visitors' history.

    Those generated codes to be used in respective website or blog for successful mapping among. Project Authorized Security code between them.

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    When you configure StatCounter sc_security and sc_project are the JavaScript variables. These values are provided by the StatCounter. When you configure your StatCounter you will see the java script code. The sc_security value and sc_project value are given in that.

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