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    Those who does not ask questions, are they considered average and dull ?

    When you are sitting in a class or a meeting where in interaction is taking place between the guests and the audience, there would be certain need for every one to involve and ask questions regarding their doubts if any clear. But often we see many wants others to ask questions and get benefited indirectly instead of they initializing it. What is your observation and advise on this attitude. Should the student or the candidate assert his right to ask any doubts or questions or just get benefited with others asking and the guests giving right responses ?
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    A student should be curious and should ask doubts the moment it arrives on his/her mind.
    But not all the students have this confidence to ask questions directly as it comes to their mind , these students are bit hesitant which often causes problem for them. But this doesn't mean these student are taking anykind of benifit from other students and thinking this way is mere prejudgement.

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    I think it is purely because of shyness in the students. Many people think that the doubt he got may be a foolish doubt. Only he couldn't understand and all others understood. So he thinks the others may laugh at him. With these thoughts they will keep silent. A good teacher will notice these people and he himself will ask the questions to those students to make them to speak.
    Some people because of this hesitation request their friend sitting by his side to ask the doubt, as he thinks that they are more brave. But they will not have any other intentions.
    Some how if the teacher makes such students to talk in the class once or twice, the student will come out of his shyness and start expressing his views and asking his doubts.

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